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Real, Science-Based, No Bullshit Fitness And Self Development Advice.
Real, Science-Based, No Bullshit Fitness And Self Development Advice.


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I get a lot of questions about what I do when it comes to delt training. Truth is it's nothing fancy. Compound chest pressing automatically takes care of the anterior head (front)... For the lateral head (middle) I do lateral raises and face pulls... The posterior head (rear) gets hit automatically through compound rowing movements for back, and then I do a reverse machine fly to hone in on the area a bit closer. There's some overlap in there too - face pulls also hit the posterior head, and reverse machine flys also hit the lateral head.

You really don't need a ton of different exercises/variations to develop a given muscle effectively. Pick 2 or 3 solid movements, get really really good at them in terms of execution, and apply progressive overload over time.

(As for overhead presses... personally I don't seem to notice any difference in my overall shoulder development whether I'm doing them or not. I'm not saying to exclude OHP’s - they're a good addition to a balanced and well rounded routine - but since I have an injury in both elbows that makes compound free weight pressing basically impossible ("snapping triceps syndrome" - only correctable by surgery) I'm not physically able to do them anyway unless it's with cables and using lighter weights.)
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[Philosophical Thoughts For The Day]

Forget this idea that some day off in the future - when you've lined up all the pieces perfectly - that you'll finally be able to "relax" and that you'll have "arrived" and be permanently "happy" and that life will be easy from there on out.

By virtue of simply being human, life will ALWAYS be challenging in one way or another. There will always be a certain struggle to it... a certain feeling of lingering discontentment... a certain chaos that always escapes your grip every time you try to pin it down and control it. Everyone feels this - it's what our brains are wired for.

Discomfort is not “bad” and the fact that you feel it doesn't mean there’s something wrong with you. It’s a default state of life regardless of circumstance. Everyone suffers, whether they “have nothing” or “have it all”.

Accept that life is hard. Make friends with your suffering. Stop hoping that the challenges will magically disappear. They won't. Instead, focus on building up the inner strength and the necessary tools so that when those challenges DO come, you're able to rise up and deal with them effectively.
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One mindset that I can say has been instrumentally helpful for me throughout my life is that I never take “failure” personally.

If I’ve been unable to achieve a certain goal up to a given point, the thought that “there must be something wrong with me” literally doesn’t even occur. The only thing that truly registers in my mind is that there’s something wrong with the approach I happen to be utilizing, and therefore the approach must be adjusted.

With enough properly thought-out adjustments over time, the correct sequence of actions to get from A to B will eventually be found. It’s an objective/impersonal thing.

The analogy I’m thinking of here is that it’s like trying to throw a basketball through a hoop from the opposite end of the court.

Are you really going to beat yourself up because you didn’t sink the shot on the first try? Or the second? Or third? Or 20th?

Obviously not. You know it’s a challenging goal, so you expect multiple failures right from the outset and aren’t fazed when you keep missing in the beginning.

So you just keep trying. You watch the trajectory of the ball on each missed shot, and then use that as feedback to try something different the next time.

Maybe you shoot it higher or lower, with more or less power, using different arm and leg movements, different ways of framing the shot in your mind...

If you’re just willing to stay on the court and continue trying, failed attempt after failed attempt, without any loss of enthusiasm from shot to shot (and after everyone else has given up and gone home), eventually you’ll land on the right combination of movements and the ball will go through the hoop.
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Hey guys, just a final reminder that today is the last day of the RealScience Athletics launch where you can save up to 20% on our brand new, science-based pre-workout formula, multivitamin and fish oil:

(Use coupon code RSALAUNCH for a 10% discount, followed by another 10% if you grab one of our combo packs)

Thanks very much for the overwhelming support everyone has shown on this over the past week. I've worked extremely hard to put this together and make it as high quality as it can possibly be, and am very glad to see how well it's been received.

Back to my regular informative content now - talk soon!

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Today is the day! I'm very excited to announce that the RealScience Athletics website is now officially LIVE:

You can use coupon code RSALAUNCH until Friday, July 20th to save 10% on your order, followed by another 10% if you select one of our discounted combo packs.

Quantities will be limited for this initial release, so make sure to head over to our website right away if you're interested in giving these brand new formulas a try.

A huge amount of dedicated research, testing and tweaking went into the creation of this complete line, and I truly believe that the 3 products we've released - our science-based pre-workout formula, multivitamin and fish oil - are the leading choices for optimal fitness supplementation in 2018.

With RealScience Athletics, you can be guaranteed that you're receiving:

- 100% research proven ingredients only.
- Proper clinical dosages for maximum effectiveness.
- Full label disclosure without any "proprietary blends".
- Premium quality cGMP-grade manufacturing methods.
- No artificial sweeteners/flavors/dyes.
- Fair prices and excellent customer service.
- Honesty and transparency above all.

Simple and straightforward supplements may not be as "glamorous" as those hyped up by flashy endorsements and fad ingredients, but that’s fine with us.

Our focus is purely on what works and what will provide the greatest benefit to our users, and everything we do is centered around that basic vision.

Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming positive feedback we've received so far, and we look forward to supporting you throughout your fitness journey.
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We're just a few days away from the RealScience Athletics launch - really excited for everyone to try these new formulas out!

Make sure to join the VIP list to be notified as soon as we go live:

All of the exact details behind each product will be outlined on our website when we launch on Tuesday, but here's a quick rundown of the 3 products we'll be offering:

#1: PureForm (Pre-Workout)

Clean, simple, high quality blend of 4 research proven ingredients in their proper clinical dosages to maximize muscular strength, energy and mental focus during workouts. No proprietary blends, hidden fillers, heavy stimulants or artificial sweeteners/flavors. Just the core pre-workout ingredients that truly work, in the right amounts, and for a fair price.

#2: Microcore (Multivitamin)

Science-based vitamin/mineral complex providing the key micronutrients hard-training lifters need for optimal health and performance. Rather than delivering an endless list of cheap, under-dosed, unnecessary (and potentially unsafe) ingredients like most traditional multis do, Microcore focuses on the highest quality forms and proper doses of only the select vitamins and minerals you truly require while eliminating all of the inessentials.

#3: O3 Prime (Fish Oil)

Leading quality source of bio-available, high potency fish oil in the reesterified triglyceride form. Sustainably sourced from deepwater anchovy and processed using enhanced molecular distillation for optimal purity. High EPA/DHA concentration and coated with natural lemon flavoring to enhance taste and prevent unwanted “fish burps”.

You'll be able to save 10% off your order using coupon code RSALAUNCH, and another 10% on top if you grab one of our discounted combo packs.

We'll only have 1000 units of each product available during the launch, so again, make sure to jump on the VIP list so you don't miss out:
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I hope you found yesterday's post helpful where I outlined 8 common "ripoff tactics" supplement companies routinely use to scam unsuspecting customers out of their hard-earned money.

I've been an ongoing critic of the supplement industry for years, and for good reason. To put it simply, 90-95% of what's out there is a straight up hustle.

That said, as I mentioned in yesterday's article, there ARE a select few science based supplements available that can have a legitimate positive impact on your muscle building and fat burning results if you know how to use them.

I've been actively recommending a small handful of these "approved" supplements to my readers over the past decade, but one question I've been continually asked is, "Sean, why don't you come out with your own line of supplements"?

I'd been considering it for some time, but the truth is that I wasn't even sure if there would be much of a market for it. Honest, straightforward supplements without the hype are nowhere near as "glamorous" as those filled with fad ingredients and supported by flashy endorsements.

However, I decided that even if this would only appeal to a much smaller crowd who don't rely on supplements as a "quick fix" like so many others do, it would still be a worthwhile pursuit if it provided genuine value to my loyal readers and made a positive impact on the industry in general.

So, I'm very proud to announce that after a year and a half of dedicating myself to this project fully in order to make it the best it can possibly be, "RealScience Athletics" will be officially launching on Tuesday, July 17th.

As the name implies, REAL SCIENCE will not be like the vast majority of other companies out there, as the last thing the industry needs is yet another line of over-hyped, over-priced pills and powders backed by nothing but lies and false promises.

We're taking a very different approach. An approach based on honesty, transparency and fairness... NOT on false marketing gimmicks, hype or deception. An approach based on legitimate scientific research and intelligent product formulation... NOT on "fancy ingredients", flashy labels and fake endorsements.

What we do is very straightforward: create for YOU the supplements that we ourselves would want to buy. 100% research-backed, clinically dosed, safe and effective formulas that optimize body composition, training performance and overall health, and for an affordable price. Period.

Consistent hard training and proper nutrition will always be king when it comes to building muscle and losing fat, but for those looking to get that "extra edge" both in and out of the gym, RealScience Athletics will be the company you can count on.

Our starting line will contain 3 individual products (fully in line with the same ingredients I've been recommending for years), and I'll provide more info in the coming days.

Very excited to finally get this off the ground!
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Dietary supplements are a 37-billion-dollar-a-year business in the U.S alone, and here are 8 different ways these companies are trying to take advantage of you that you should definitely be aware of:
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The #1 way that alcohol can sabotage your fat burning efforts if you aren't careful:
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Having trouble losing that last bit of stubborn fat that just won't seem to go away? Here's the simple truth when it comes to burning off those final 5-10 pounds at the end of a cut:
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