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Steve Spence

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Spray Tan Lives Matter!
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Solar power...
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Steve Spence

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Jameco Poll - Who are the electronic hobbyists of America?
Below is an excerpt of a poll run by Jameco Electronics . Who are we? Read the whole article and see if you are a match. I personally am in the greater than 35 years, as I started around 9 years of age. Who are the electronic hobbyists of America? Nerds or ...
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I fit pretty the stats well. Soldering earlier than I can remember, but before 12. I have had music, computing and woodworking as hobbies. I'm now completing a greenhouse and renovating the kitchen. Ten cabinets finished. Another ten to go. 
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Steve Spence

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Truth, as always, from Tom ........
"Lay persons are easily intimidated from taking on scientists on their turf. But when supposed scientists behave anti-scientifically and demand that we surrender our civil liberties, our private property rights and our prosperity, that's our turf. Giving up the cheapest and most plentiful energy sources available (fossil fuels and nuclear, the latter which does not contribute to greenhouse gasses) can cause a great deal of poverty, hunger and death by exposure to the hostile elements of a poorly understood climate."

"It doesn't take a PhD to know what science is and isn't; climate science as practiced by the IPCC, Al Gore and their fellow travelers does not qualify."
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I'm a Ham Radio Operator (KK4HFJ) and I teach and install off grid power systems, promote gardening and aquaponics, and build arduino based process control systems.
Ham Radio Operator (KK4HFJ), Off Grid Renewable Energy Expert, IT Engineer, Model Railroader
Bragging rights
Lived off grid, teach renewable energy internationally
Solar Power Consultant, HVAC R&D
Electronics, Programming, Troubleshooting / Problem Solving, Networking (computers), Project Management
  • Sid Harvey Industries, Inc.
    Engineering Tech, 2010 - present
    R&D Engineering Technician. Build and repair electronic test gear and controls.
  • Green-Trust.Org
    Off Grid Power Engineer, 1999 - present
    Solar & Wind Offgrid power designer
  • SainSmart
    R&D, 2014 - 2015
    Product testing, Documentation / Tutorial Development, Forum Management, Social Media Evangelist.
  • Burberry Ltd.
    Director of IT
  • Canton Potsdam Hospital
    Network Engineer
  • Cyberguard
    Network Security Engineer
  • GE Capitol
    IT Consultant / Network Engineer
  • Ansen Corporation
    2005 - 2006
  • Golden Books
    1997 - 1999
  • Output Technology
    1997 - 2000
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who is kevin darrah? I 'work' as an an Electrical Engineer, I 'live' as an Electronics Enthusiast. More info coming soon… Feel free to shoot

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Whelp, here it is! Everything you see in the picture is what comes with the Ultimate Arduino Prototype Board. This is a fully functional Ard

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