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Joel Parker
"rootrider", photographer, car fanatic, motorsports lover, lover of God's creations, sysadmin
"rootrider", photographer, car fanatic, motorsports lover, lover of God's creations, sysadmin


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Nexus 7 has been on battery for 4 days 9 hours with 13% left. I haven't used it a lot, but I'm liking this. It also makes my droid 3 feel much slower, and of course the larger and VN prettier screen of the nexus 7 makes the droid 3 feel even less nice :P

a crazy thing has happened. I normally have to spend a couple of hours finishing up the packing on the day I leave for a trip. This time I've spent most of my awake non-working time getting ready, and it looks like I'll be ready to leave for Texas as soon as I get off from work this morning. This means I could get to my first stop.. probably around Stockton, California, by about 6 - 7pm. I plan on reaching Tuscon by tomorrow night, and then Austin by Monday night. Average is 833 miles per day :D

Yes.. I'm installing the original Unreal Tournament on my computer right now, and I'm really looking forward to playing it :D

HOLY ** is Disney really buying LucasFilm from George Lucas? WTF!?

I turned my DROID on for the first time in probably a year this morning. It's pretty amazing how small and slow the phone feels, even though my DROID 3 is only slightly larger. It's also interesting how all of the incremental changes between Android 2.2.3 and 2.3.4 add up as well.. the two versions are fairly different.
Now to fix my droid 3 so Verizon "lets" me tether the droid on my upcoming drive to Texas .. and to root and rom the droid :D

45 mph wind gusts.. I feel at home :D

Nexus 7 32gb, potentially for $250? It's about time it has enough space to store a few things. I'll buy it if it's otherwise still the same quality Asus hardware.

Hrm.. dare I start watching Star Trek TNG now? I haven't watched more than I few episodes over time.

Summer ended yesterday! Cliff Mass said so! :(
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