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Turkey -- October 2016 -- Part 2
We have now finished our second and final week aboard the “Ya Selam” and have left the coast to start our trip home. The boat became our home, and we greatly appreciated the competent and ever-smiling crew, who practiced their English on us as we practiced ...

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Turkey -- October 2016 -- Part 1
Turkey October Part 1 Turkey has beautiful scenery, an interesting and ancient history, friendly and charming people, fabulously fresh and interesting food. But, thanks to some terrorist activities and an ill-advised attempted coup there are hardly any tour...

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Mexico - Part 3
We are now
home to sunshine and spring flowers after our interesting, enjoyable though not
exactly restful trip to central Mexico. Palm weaving outside the church in Taxco Last
Saturday night, the evening before Palm Sunday, we were sitting on a balcony

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Mexico: Part 2
Taxco Cathedral, with VW beetles It is the Saturday before Palm Sunday, and we are in the small
Mexican hill town of Taxco (pronounced (Tach-ko). Our little hotel is perched
on a steep hillside with a wonderful view of small white houses, churches,
flower g...

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Mexico: Part 1
We have been on holiday for a week now and are having a
great time…here are some of the highlights. We spent our first 5 nights in Mexico City. What a huge
place…we were on a subway train heading south of the city center for nearly an
hour and a half and st...

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Traveling in Argentina
After our six weeks of volunteer work in Salta we are now
exploring the northwest corner of Argentina, and enjoying wonderful weather,
good food and wine, comfortable lodgings, and long hikes in interesting and
beautiful mountains and valleys. Our last few ...

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Last Days in Salta
Our last week of volunteer work in Salta is now upon us, and
we have a lot to do before we finish – complete our projects, write final
reports, have our exit interviews, and more. Tea on the patio with Isabel Argentina on Sunday was again in the grip of ele...

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Work and Play in Salta
It is hard to believe that we have been living and working
in Salta for 4 weeks and that we have only 2 weeks left to work on our
projects. In addition to our work we are getting to know the city of Salta and
its environs better, and appreciating more of th...

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On the streets of Salta
As we walk round the streets of Salta – and we are doing a
lot of walking – we are struck by many interesting and unusual sights. Rather
than write a long blog this week we are sharing some photos with a few
comments. For Sale   Would you buy this car? If y...

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