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What started as a small side project to have a  #nodejs  development server with simple deployment, ended up growing arms and legs (and still is). I thought it might be time to let other people share the fun, so please welcome Ishiki ( and Hachi ( :)

Ishiki goes on the server and exposes an API.
Hachi is the API client module and command-line tool.

It's all designed to let you get started in as little time as possible while still offering you as many options as possible.

As this is a side project, it is still very much a work-in-progress. It could do with more features, more bug fixes, more docs... which is why I've decided to share it here. I'd like to get more feedback and contributions from other people who may find such tools useful.

You can also find me on +GitHub at

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A quick run through Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Meares Island. Thanks +Corentin Auguin for  taking a bunch of these pictures :)
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Any talented web developers out their looking for an exciting new challenge? We have vacancies for senior, mid and junior level web developers. Get in touch if you fancy being part of the A-Team!

Scumbag Royale - The One, Truly Entertaining Reality TV Show

A macabre, violent reality comedy with mediocre, self-serving, vile people who commit crimes against humanity without even realizing it.

The setting

Located on Gunkanjima Island, the competitors will find shelters and never-seen-before landscapes. The players will also have the pleasure to witness countless sea-mines peppered around the island.

The rules

Two teams of twenty people each are dumped at either end of the island, with a truckload of weapons of all kinds in the middle. Both teams must compete for their lives. That's it.

The outcome

Whatever happens, two teams are dumped there each week along with more weapons, death is not certain but 99.9% likely.

How can I participate?

You must certainly be eager to join by now, however this is a highly selective process:
- Are you an active member or supporter of the Media Industry and/or a Financial Institution (the teams will respectively represent these two sectors)?
- Are you older than 18 (exceptions may be made)?
- Do you often consider yourself an awesome person yet have never asked yourself in what way you benefited mankind?
- Do you generally go through life never wondering about the consequences of your actions on the rest of the world?

If the answer to most of these questions is Yes, then it looks like you could be a winner!

This week's teams are:

Team 1 (The Media): The Sony BMG board members
Team 2 (Finance): The JP Morgan board members

Submit your votes for potential new contestants at any time, we'll make sure their participation is mandatory!

If I ever meet the people at Adobe responsible for the Acrobat products, I will kick them in the ribs until my foot bleeds, then change foot, do the same again, then grab whatever hard object is nearby and hit them on the head until said object goes to dust. I'll then proceed to contact all members of their respective families and tell them they were judged for crime against humanity.

Rant over.

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Heeeeeeha! My work with Stefanie Posavec is on FastCo :)

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Check out +Tasha Nicholson 's new website, some really nice fiction and reality stories to entertain yourselves.

Also, if you're a writer and would like to make your work known, give her a shout and you might be able to become an author on the site.

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Our Senior Web Developer Hadrien Jouet and other web development professionals are taking part in a live Q&A session with The Guardian online today!

Get involved and explore web development career options in a live discussion between 1pm and 3pm today (Thursday 1 March) by posting questions and comments at the following link...

The thing I'm working on is like if Frankenstein's monster had a baby with the Little Mermaid, and that baby then had another baby with the offspring of the Hulk and Wonder Woman. So exciting yet so weird...

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In other great news, just got myself 21000 miles worth of flights!
Feeling Hot Like Sauce :)
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