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Bethany M
That girl who loves Buffalo maybe a little too much
That girl who loves Buffalo maybe a little too much

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UGH i just tried making some new circles and accidentally un-added a bunch of people. and i have no idea who now! i'll find you, friends... i'll find you

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Apple’s mobile maps used to be supplied by its friend-turned-archrival, Google. But this year Apple decided to put maps of its own into iOS 6, rather than be beholden to its foe. The internet has been teeming with complaints about a lack of detail and a surfeit of errors. Maps are becoming important strategic terrain

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Don't be fooled by the free drink sooner... if you buy one drink a week, you're going to spend about $30 more than you did last year with the new rewards program. Boo!

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"Of course, it should not take the perk of a pay raise to prompt legislators to put the public ahead of their municipal-union benefactors. But "should" is not a word to be found in Albany's political dictionary. Actually, I think Assembly candidate Kevin Gaughan has it right in vowing - if elected - to take a 10 percent pay cut."

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new hypoPARA website! it's like it's finally a real disease!
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