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Análise: Dead Embryonic Cells (Sepultura)
Dead Embryonic Cells Sepultura – Album: Arise (1991) Land of anger I didn't ask to be born Sadness, sorrow Everything so alone Laboratory sickness Infects humanity No hope for cure Die by technology A world full of shit coming down Tribal violence everywher...

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Análise: Material World Paranoia (Kreator)
Material World Paranoia Kreator – Album: Coma of Souls (1990) Dehumanization
through industrialization Bring fear to the
masses of reincarnation Manic frustration
deterioration Nature fights back
for its own preservation Concrete coffin
breeds lun...

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Adendo: Ventos da Mudança
Nota: Antes de continuar na
análise proposta sobre as canções do Megadeth, Kreator e Sepultura, farei um
adendo que utilizei no TCC com uma análise pontual sobre a música “ Wind of Change ” do Scorpions, justamente
porque ela serve como contraponto às anali...

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Em tempo: 50 anos do Golpe Militar
Caros leitores, Segue aqui uma pequena ressalva para deixar o registro sobre o marco dos 50 anos do Golpe Militar de 1964. Aproveitando data tão icônica, está na página do Facebook a resenha do álbum "Esquadrão de Tortura" da banda brasileira Tortute Squad....

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Análise: Dawn Patrol (Megadeth)
Dawn Patrol Megadeth –
Album: Rust in Peace (1990) Thermal count is
rising In perpetual
writhing The primordial
ooze And the sanity
they lose Awakened in the
morning To more air
pollution warnings Still we
sleepwalk off to work While our
nervous systems jer...

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Análise: When the Sun Burns Red (Kreator)
When the Sun
Burns Red Kreator – Album:
Coma of Souls (1990) Savage heat is
searing Global warming has begun Mother Earth is reeling No protection from the sun Forest fires are raging While the rivers turn to ice Foolish man creating Mother Nature's cruel d...

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Análise: Fatal Energy (Kreator)
Fatal Energy Kreator – Álbum:
Extreme Agressions (1989) Lies, I can't stand these lies anymore These tales about a better world A better world for you and me Hate, our hate is growing, that's for sure Future thoughts fill us with rage Uncertainty about our ...

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Análise: Toxic Trace (Kreator)
Toxic Trace Kreator – Album:
Terribel Certainty (1987) Pesticide in torrents,
how fast it flows Total pollution
the earth can't stand much longer Chemical
industry brings new diseases The fear of
self-destruction is growing stronger Nuclear waste in
an unco...

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Análise: Arise (Sepultura)
Arise Sepultura – Album: Arise (1991) Obscured by the Sun Apocalyptic Clash Cities fall in ruin Why must we die? Obliteration of mankind Under a pale grey Sky We shall arise I did nothing, saw nothing Terrorist confrontation Waiting for the end Wartime cons...

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Análise: Mass Hypnosis (Sepultura)
Mass Hypnosis Sepultura – Álbum: Beneath the Remains (1989) Looking
inside, your future uncertain The
fear grows as a sickness uncured The
silence agonizes, the words sound strong Look
inside the eyes, leave this world Hate
throught the arteries Mass
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