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Robert L. Gluck

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Robert L. Gluck

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Thank you for calling out Mr. Sullivan. 
For those of you who missed it, Jessie Close, Glenn Close and I were on the Diane Rehm Show this morning (2-5-2015) talking about mental illness and our new book, RESILIENCE: Two Sisters and a Story of Mental Illness.  Here is a link to the program. Highlights for me were hearing Glenn read one ofClick to continue…
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Robert L. Gluck

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They took away the old gutters today,
40 years of collecting rain and with it
leaves, sticks, tree blossoms, bird crap,
blown dust, snow, ice, wind-borne seeds,
left them worn, sagging with age,
clogged from lack of care
and, so, barely able to perform the job
they were put in place to do.

They’ve installed new gutters today,
high-tech, multi-polymer beauties
designed to shed everything but water
which they can accept in unprecedented amounts
(never overflowing)
efficiently whisking it over, down, and away,
No sagging, no clogging, no problems.

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Robert L. Gluck

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Why I May Cry Friday Night

I probably will cry Friday night as I watch Landon Donovan take his final bow for the United States Men’s National team. 

I’m 53 years old. I understand that soccer is a game, that professional soccer is an entertainment industry, and that there are important events happening right now that are worth shedding tears over. 

So why cry over a 32-year-old ending his time playing a game?

American soccer fans of a certain age have lived through the hype of the coming of the Great American Soccer Player, from Kyle Rote, Jr., to John Harkes, to Claudio Reyna, to Clint Mathis, to name a few. They all were important in their way, they all made significant contributions, but all fell short of wearing the crown we so desperately wanted to bestow on them. 

As the United States struggled to gain international respectability in men’s soccer, we waited for our superstar. We watched. We wondered: “Will he ever arrive?”

He did, in the form of Landon Donovan.

Much was made recently of Derek Jeter’s final games in baseball. Deservedly so, he had a long and glorious career. But here’s what sets Donovan’s farewell far above Jeeter’s. Derek Jeeter joins the pantheon of baseball immortals as one of many, not the greatest of them, not the least of them, but certainly a member in high standing.

Landon Donovan doesn’t merely join the pantheon of U.S. soccer immortals, he assumes the highest chair. He is American soccer’s Zeus. We’ll not see another like him for decades. There are the records to substantiate that claim but it was his sustained excellence on the field that, if you were lucky enough to witness it, puts all arguments to rest. 

I’ll cry Friday night because Donovan is the best kind of hero: he’s flawed. He was a self-professed cocky jerk early in his career (please see Pablo Mastroreni’s wonderful back-handed musical ode to him in their hotel room at the 2002 World Cup), he suffered through endless accusations of being too soft to play in Europe (only to prove them wrong with an electrifying stint with Everton), of wasting his talent in MLS. He married a movie star only for it to end in divorce. He thought too much, cared too much, and developed interests beyond soccer. He followed a World Cup success with a World Cup failure, then a World Cup miracle, then a World Cup snub. We can all identify with the hero who has been misunderstood and rejected. 

On Friday night, however, we’ll see him for what he is: the greatest male soccer player this country has ever produced and a very human star for whom I’ll shed tears of gratitude for having watched him play and tears of sorrow to see him go. 
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Robert L. Gluck

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Mr. Doom And Gloom here
with a gentle reminder that
failure is just around the corner
in case you had your hopes up
believing your life will turn out
fine in the end.
Don’t bet on it my friend,
no, no, no, look for the holes
that smooth plans fall through
and out of which sticky complications ooze,
count on the mishap the snafu the betrayal
lest disappointment become your friend.
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like chess you win some and lose some...the board is always the same.
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Robert L. Gluck

Poems Corner  - 

The Inquisition
 was an imposition
  if your disposition
   was in opposition
    to those in position
     to make it their mission
      to mar your condition
       while asking for contrition
        then with no inhibition
         ordaining your ignition.
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Robert L. Gluck

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Google has crossed the line into content creation with its new Medical Searches. See:

They are hiring medical artists to create images (content) and working with "Partners" to add content. If you are not a partner, you do not get a plug in the huge 

If you search on info box on the right. That is Google playing favorites. In fact, if you search on "hypoglycemia" you'll find that the American Diabetes Association's page shows up first in results, but it is not referenced in the medical box to the right. 
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Robert L. Gluck

Poems Corner  - 

Hope’s a son of a bitch
and I’ve learned to keep him at bay
his snappy clothes and happy patter
suckered me back in the day.

I let him in and hung on every word
I was willing, the easiest of prey,
Then he rolled me in my sleep
I awoke penniless the next day.

He vanished into the night
it was the cruelest sort of crime
and I’ve only myself to blame
when he came a second time.

I invited him to my house
To let him make amends
He told me of a special deal
With riches that never end.

Why I listened to him again
I truly cannot say
He fleeced me like a sheep
On a springtime sheering day.

Now I never let hope near
it was not a hard decision
I’ll not be made a fool again
I’m safe in my own prison.
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Robert L. Gluck

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She threw out
one of her father’s paintings today,
a beach scene 
with a girl reaching for a shell
that we brought home
after he died
only because I liked it.

After a few months
she said she wanted 
to touch it up,
lighten up the shadows
brighten up the sky
but she couldn’t make it right.

Then she wanted
to paint right over it
(he’d taught her the art),
but she never got far,
she never got past
trying to resolve
his use of light and dark.
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Good write 
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Robert L. Gluck

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These days
the walls are slick
and impossibly high.
Besides, the floor 
is so welcoming 
soft, safe, comforting,
that I curl up, nap,
then lay there 
staring into the dark
as I berate myself for 
laziness, for the
weakness of spirit
to rise to my feet
for another attempt
to find a foothold,
a handhold, 
an upward path
that leads me
back to the light.
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Best wishes.....
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Robert L. Gluck

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The poem by James Laughlin expresses my approach to poetry. 

What do you think? Do you lean toward the brief and unadorned?

by James Laughlin

that poetry should be a-
dorned or complicated I'm

not so sure I think I'll
take the simple statement

in plain speech compress-
ed to brevity I think that

will do all I want to do.

"Some People Think" by James Laughlin from The Collected Poems of James Laughlin. 
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