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Artist + Technologist from the Silicon Valley
Artist + Technologist from the Silicon Valley

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The Wine of Wanaka

Overlooking Lake Wanaka there is a place that grows magical grapes, which are later transformed in to fabulous wine by artisans at a family-owned winery.

The wind was mighty blustery the day we arrived as the clouds painted the sky with a palette of blues and grays. In many ways it perfectly complimented the shades of red and white inside the tasting room.

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What Does the Fox Say…

New Zealand is one of the most majestic places on earth, and while traveling their during late Spring we were very fortunate to have the opportunity of exploring Fox Glacier on a hike. Due to ice erosion the only way to access the glacier is by helicopter, and due to heavy rain and visibility most of the birds were grounded from flying. On average ~2 of the scheduled 6 flights per day would be cleared to take hikers onto the glacier.

We opted to list on the first flight of the day and were lucky to catch a break in the weather. Once landing the skies quickly changed as the clouds engulfed the sun.

Shortly after this shot was captured the rains began, and we enjoyed every moment of the ~3 hour rainy hike on a glacier.
One of my biggest lessons from 2014 has been to define better boundaries for when to take the lens cap off, and when to put the lens cap on.

There are times when behind a camera / smartphone that you're capturing a great photo but missing out on important memories and connections.

The New Year always forces me to reflect on proactive changes. This year I plan to be a lot more focused on photography professionally, and learning when to put the gear away to be more present with friends & family.

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This episode of +This Week in Photo (TWiP) was recorded a few weeks back, and has me thinking a lot about making an iBook on storage for photographers.

2015 is going to be very fun year :)
TWiP 381: The Definitive Guide to Photo Storage

+Don Komarechka +Doug Kaye +Topher Martini join the discussion with +Frederick Van Johnson to help remove some of the mystery around keeping your precious photos safe.

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Oh, Snap!

With today's announcement of iCloud Photo Library and new tools from Apple, Adobe capitalized on the momentum by releasing an Aperture to Lightroom Migration Plugin.

2015 is shaping up to be an interesting year for photography on the desktop!

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Android 5.0… finally a marketing campaign that works

Google announced the latest version of Android earlier today, along with the Nexus 9, Nexus 6, Nexus Player, and an inspired new marketing campaign.

Over the years I've flipped-flopped between iOS and Android more times than any person should.

This latest batch of videos are a breath of fresh air for Android. Looking forward to what they come up with next  :)

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The Majestic Mosey

Walking along the trails of New Hampshire at a leisurely pace helps you notice subtle details. As the light from golden hour hit the trails, it illuminated the recently fallen leaves into a magnificent array of colors.

The next couple of weeks are shaping up to be incredibly busy, which means the lens cap might be going back on the camera for a little while… but it makes me incredibly thankful to have had this experience with Fall colors in such a beautiful place :)

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Two Peas of the Same Pod

Sometimes when you see a reflection it's hard to decide which one you like better.

This afternoon went around the lake for a second photowalk and found this tree reflected across the water. There's something a little different about this composition that I don't often attempt, but for this shot it seems to work out.

Can't wait to see what else New Hampshire has to offer on this adventure :)

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Welcome to the #picturerevolution +Lytro

So proud to have worked with the amazing team that produced LYTRO ILLUM and to hold the future of photography in my hands.

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Beware of Strangers with Candy

While traveling through Japan we would come up with our own subtitles to street signs. In Osaka the lights of the city came alive after dark, which made for numerous opportunities photographically.

The street sign in this image has become a non sequitur source of controversy in our household. Of all the places we visited in Japan, Osaka was one of the safest and most interesting places to capture photos.

If there's anyone that speaks Japanese seeing this image, we would be eternally grateful to properly understand the translation ;)

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The Land of Earth and Sky

Of all the adventures over the past several months Scotland holds a special place in my heart. While taking a weeklong tour of the lochs, highlands, countryside, and urban center of Edinburgh something ignited deep inside me.

Our tour guide along this journey was a dual major in history and foreign policy, which made for many unique insights to the cultural and environmental landscape of Scotland.

Whether your adventures takes you across the globe or down the street… always capture memories that stand a chance to last a lifetime ;)
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