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For those or you who missed me on The Ed Show on TV (or prefer online) here you go..

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Where do people look when they visit your Google+ profile?

We did an eye-tracking analysis (linked below) of various social networks -- Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and others -- to see the differences.

Google+ is the 3rd and 4th slide in the slideshow. Those images show the following:

-When people first visit your Google+ profile, they look first at the top item in the content column (your latest update). They also spend the most time looking here.

They then look into the left column - your Circles and profile pic. They spend less time looking here.

-Finally, they look at the top of the page - the section with links back to their own home screen, photos, profile etc.

Interesting huh?

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I LOVE Google Analytics.

The old version is going away in January, so you need to get up to speed with the new one if you haven't already. I highly recommend it.

My favorite new feature is the realtime analytics. I didn't even know about the visitor flow diagrams, though -- I guess I didn't explore it enough yet.

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How might the multi-admin feature help your Google+ brand page? What other features are you most looking forward to?
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