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Update on Sapphire and Life and the SAL
Wow!  Where do I begin to even update you.  So many things, so I'll try not to write a novel but once I get typing all bets are off.  Massive changes have happened.  First, I have been dealing and eliminating some toxic relationships in my life and it has p...

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Page 2 DONE and Page 3 Row 3 almost done
Sorry it's been awhile.  Life has been absolutely insane but i've been stitching.  I got page 2 done then I couldn't find my camera so I kept going and I've had a rough time in my personal life so I've been stitching like crazy.  I've been staying out at my...

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Page 2 Row 7 Done!
Well I've been doing well with stitching right now.  The last few 10x10 squares were easier because they were mostly one color, especially the last 3 squares.  I need to extend my grid lines on my fabric then I will continue on to Row 8.  I have 2 10x10 row...

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Page 2, Row 6 Finally Done!!
I finally finished my next row of stitches, only took me 9 months! LOL!  Sorry it took soooo long to update, life has been completely ins...

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Re-motivated to work on Sapphire!
Life has been absolutely insane lately.  I moved in with my mother and boy was that a mistake as far as my stitching goes.  I didn't eve...
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