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Most sought-after jobs in Missouri
Find this information at Missourians, the Missouri Real Time Labor Market Summary can help you discover the most sought-after jobs in the state. It also breaks down which jobs are most needed if you have...

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How to determine your contract pay rate
Considering a contract position, but aren't sure what your hourly rate should be? Determining the right rate is essential lest you lose thousands due to significantly higher taxes, benefits costs and other expenses. In general, plan on charging between 25%-...

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The last thing I do when I leave a bad job - you should do it, too!
Have a job that you hate? Hey, I have been there! When you finally make the move to get out of there, do what I do: Walk to your car.  Take off your shoes. Slap the soles together in the direction of the rotten place. Shake the dust off that job and move on...

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Cover letter survey results - who sends them, how often, and why?
Recently WiserUTips surveyed job seekers about sending cover letters. Here are the results --  When asked, "How often do you include a cover letter when given the option to include one when applying for a job?", 53.13% of respondents said they always includ...

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SURVEY: Do you include a cover letter?
Create your own user feedback survey

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15 Stress-Busting Jobs to Kickstart Your Career
Infographic provided by Great infographic -- Thanks Quantumbinders. I can't guarantee that these jobs are entirely stress-free, but they could be meaningful, well-paying careers that you will love, so why not look into them? Here's ...

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Will 2017 be a better year for job seekers?
Create your own user feedback survey Survey responses:

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The 3 biggest things to do on LinkedIn to get a job
I give job seekers and the miserably employed the same advice again and again: To attract employers to you on LinkedIn ... 1) Add up to 50 skills relating to the jobs that you want into the Skills section of your LinkedIn profile and get many people to endo...

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Surviving Thanksgiving despite politics
Dreading Thanksgiving this
year? Me too.  My political views are different than my relatives, but I love
them more than I hate their politics and I don't want to fight. You may feel
the same way. So to survive Thanksgiving, take these steps: 1) Cut conflict...

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Miserably employed? LinkedIn lets you notify recruiters!
LinkedIn has just added a cool new (free!) feature that lets you notify recruiters (excluding the recruiters at your own company) that you are open to new opportunities.  The feature is also beneficial if you are unemployed because it can alert recruiters t...
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