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Well in less than 5 hours 2015 will come to a close and the New Year 2016 will be upon us. We want to thank our Family's, our Friend's and our work collages at BUT MOST ALL OF ALL EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS SUPPORTED OR BEEN A CUSTOMER OURS. Thank you ALL!!!
What a year it has been for the Palm clan, Lori, Buddy, Harley and Gerry.
The year started out with me Gerry siting on the couch feeling sorry for my self and not wanting to return overseas to work. Well on February 27th everything changed for us. I received a call from my brother Kenny in Canada that he had terminal lung cancer (he found out on February 24th) My life changed that day for every, I lost my sorry feelings and saw that in this world there are much harder things to deal with than working overseas. I arrived in Canada on February 24th and had the worst and best month of my life. If was the best because I got to get closer to all my family that I love. It was the worst because I lost my big brother and best friend Kenny on March 19th 2015, 15 minutes before my sixty first birthday. I returned from Canada on April 1st knowing what I was going to do with the rest of my life. You see my brother and I from the time I was 14 and he 17 want to do what I am able to do today (work on classic cars).
A lot of stuff took place between April first, the day I called Bechtel and thanked them for a great career retired and November 6th the day of our Grand Opening of Lost in the 50's Automotive (that part of the story you will need to read my autobiography some day!)
From November 6th through today thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication from a lot of people it has been everything I always dreamed of FUN, EXCITEMENT, HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT OF A LIFE TIME DREAM
Please all have a safe close to 2015 and a great year ahead in 2016 Happy New year from the Palm Clan. See you next year!
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