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IE listed WebGL as harmful. Not a good news, we do believe that WebGL is not ready but it does not mean the most popular browser to not support it. If this happens then Adobe Stage 3D would attract more developers. Also the support of AIR 3.2 on iPhone and Android with Stage3D makes us very excited.
Microsoft Security Research & Defense: Microsoft information on security mitigations, workarounds, and other technical leadership for better actionable guidance.
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Interested to see how WebGL is adopted by IE.
The Khronos Group has released its technology for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics on the Web. Now allies have to coax Microsoft to support it. Read this blog post by Stephen Shankland on Deep Tech.
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We are a team of game programmers and visualizers offering Offshore Game Development Services to people who have loved playing games all their lives and now want to return back the favor. Our core skill of writing logic for business applications has now transformed into writing hit tests in games. Apart from Offshore Game development Services we also offer Web Design Services to companies who are looking for corporate re-branding or creating visually appealing campaigns for their latest strategy.
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