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Napertandy .
I am esoteric energy that flows throughout everything within the multiverse
I am esoteric energy that flows throughout everything within the multiverse


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So I updated to 3.14b and noticed that the rss feed, weather and location stopped working. Each say loading on the screen. I reinstalled both the previous version and the newer but to no avail, any ideas?

I'm having some difficulty with adding a different rss feed than the one that's just below. The code allows you to scroll through a number off (ten in this case) different topics/headlines etc. Could someone please show me where to swap out the existing rss with my a new one: "Rss.exmpl" I presume that I repeat it then on each line. Thanks in advance.

$if(gv(title)=1,(tc(ell(wg(gv(source), rss, 0, title)100))),

if(gv(title)=2, (tc(ell(wg(gv(source), rss, 1, title)100))),

if(gv(title)=3,(tc(ell(wg(gv(source), rss, 2, title)100))),

if(gv(title)=4, (tc(ell(wg(gv(source), rss, 3, title)100))),

if(gv(title)=5, (tc(ell(wg(gv(source), rss, 4, title)100))),

if(gv(title)=6, (tc(ell(wg(gv(source), rss, 5, title)100))),

if(gv(title)=7, (tc(ell(wg(gv(source), rss, 6, title)100))),

if(gv(title)=8, (tc(ell(wg(gv(source), rss, 7, title)100))),

if(gv(title)=9, (tc(ell(wg(gv(source), rss, 8, title)100))),

if(gv(title)=10, (tc(ell(wg(gv(source), rss, 9, title)100)))))))))))))$

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ROFL these troll dad memes never get old XD
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Firstly I want to thank the dev for this app as a customiser fanatic I think it's just fantastic however I'm having some serious problems perhaps I'm missing something. I'm unable to scroll through any pages leaving me stuck on just the one page. I have darkk and cards installed the only interaction I have is with the map that will bring up Google maps (darkk) other than that, nothing. I've forced scroll turned on (nova) I'm using a HTC one m8 and also tried stock launcher but obviously both to no avail. Hopefully someone can set me straight as this app is a step further than my other fav apps zooper and uccw. Thanks in advance.
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