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The best place for awesome online entertainment.
The best place for awesome online entertainment.


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Wolf cub practicing his howl

A Wolf cub learns to howl. Sing us the song of your people.
Tags: animal wolf cub howl learning

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The wedding kiss burnout

Kay Leigh and Gervan Diaz enjoy a romantic wedding day kiss.
Tags: funny love cars burnout weddings

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Surfing huge waves

Incredible. Literally breathtaking imagery of surfers taking on some of the biggest waves in the world.
Tags: sports huge cool surfing extreme waves intense

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Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air

A full sized drivable car made almost entirely out of Lego, including engine that is powered by compressed air.
Tags: car air life lego size powered

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This is what you call a Minnesotan rodeo

Snow, dogs, and a whole lot of Minnesota.
Tags: funny dog ice rodeo minnesotan

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That is one smooth criminal

Don't practice your moonwalk behind one way glass.
Tags: funny fail glass moonwalk practice

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Pug Says "Batman"

Whenever you need some cheering up, this should be your go-to video.
Tags: funny dog animal batman pug say

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On My Feet

Dog wears a pair of Jordans in style.
Tags: funny dog animal pair wearing jordans

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The bus of justice

Russia is just not a safe place. This is the most amazing dashcam footage you'll ever see.
Tags: car drive cam dash place russia unsafe
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