The War between Parents and Children

Relationships between parents and children are constantly changing throughout life. When you have a newborn, it seems like the umbilical cord is still attached because they depend on you for everything.
The parent and infant relationship at that point is always blissful although it is an exhausting time. As children grow so do your parenting skills. You begin to learn about different forms of child discipline and wonder which method is best. There is no definitive way to raise children however these tips can help you to maintain close and loving parent and child relationships.

Always remember to listen to what your child is saying and try to understand their point of view. An open communication between parents and children is essential and should be implemented right from the beginning.
Nobody plans to raise their kids to be unruly brats. Those parents just never bothered to learn that appropriate parenting can increase the bonds between parents and children. Without the knowledge of appropriate and positive discipline, the household will always be in turmoil. Once you learn to use your child rearing skills wisely, both the parents and children will be able to enjoy life harmoniously.
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