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Oh hey!  I almost never post here (and totally forgot about it!) but it's a thing.

We're doing a Kickstarter for Hand of Fate, our card game that comes to life.

Check it out, tell your friends, we'd appreciate it a tonne!

2012 is looking awesome so far. I have made precisely zero resolutions, but have a number of tendencies instead. Mostly relating to developing more skills for the dilettante toolbox.

Seems completely unreasonable to make firm commitments to flights of fancy!

With all this SOPA discussion, I'm a little surprised that so little of the debate is around the financial impacts on creative culture and entrepreneurship. The country with the most stringent IP laws can draw investment around new ideas (due to having a way to protect dominant positions) however, that's pretty much no defence against disruption.

Clearly, disruption rules in the tech world, and the various pushes towards a more constrained internet culture are going to move the US (and those who come along for the ride) behind cultures with less prescriptive IP laws over the next 20 years when it comes to new and innovative developments. Given the various pressures on the economy (and the US's regular claim to being able to lead on innovation) I'd think that would be a front and center concern in these discussions.

Qantas just asked me to take a customer satisfaction survey online, which is fine. One of the questions is

"Below is a list of seven different areas that customers can find important when personally choosing a domestic airline.

Imagine you have ten tokens. We would like you to distribute these ten tokens according to the relative importance you place on each of these seven areas when personally choosing a domestic airline. The higher the importance of each of the areas to you personally, the more of the ten tokens you should allocate to it (you may allocate all of the ten tokens to one area if you need to).
Please type into the boxes."

Now, as someone who's spent a lot of time adding points to RPG characters, that makes perfect sense to me. But it's a bloody absurd and user-confusing way of presenting a survey for the general public. I guarantee you're not going to get any useful information out of a process that complex, because most people are just going to gloss over and say "whatever".

And this from a survey company - - that prides themselves on being staffed by incredible academic talent and survey compiling expertise. Pshaw.

Looking forward to seeing people at GCAP11 next week - should be a great event. Been a tumultuous year in Australian dev, so this will be a nice opportunity to touch base with everyone again.

Lev Grossman won the Campbell Award for Best New Writer 14 years after publishing his first novel. Just a reminder that you can be fresh even after you've been grafting away mastering your craft!

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Some great Warco articles have gone up in the last couple of days (and some big names yet to come) - these are my favorites so far.

Great to see the broad range of feedback - unsurprising to see that it's been a controversial concept, especially to the traditional shooter market.

How do I remove people from my stream, without going so far as to block them? 1 or 2 prolific people are close to 100% of the stream, which isn't ideal.

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The trailer for Warco, our game about war journalism is now online. Warco July 2011

Currently at first playable, I'm really proud of what we've managed to develop with a small (but awesome) team.

Back in Australia after a whirlwind trip. Nice to be back with the family and heading into the office again!
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