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CIIS Career Development
Conscious Careers for the CIIS Community
Conscious Careers for the CIIS Community


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Come join us for an exploration of how to live your embodied, somatic, felt "purpose" and create meaningful, aligned, and creative career choices after CIIS.  Learn about alternatives to the MFT path and how to make them pleasurable...and profitable! 

We will be clearing and healing past self-worth , trauma, and money blockages. From there will will be tuning into our inner "feminine" receptive nature to align with pleasure and soul purpose. Finally, we will tap into the inner masculine for 3 action steps to take to begin launching yourself as a coach or alternative therapist.

You will feel grounded, energized, and "turned on" by your creativity and sacred potential! 


Asherah Eden (born: Jessica Abelson) is a transformational  life coach, and has also been called a "Shaman to Therapists".  As a CIIS alum (Somatics, 2012), she helps spiritually inclined therapists and female leaders clear past trauma, come into mind-body harmony, and  in claiming sacred life purpose.   She also enjoys handstands, walking her dog Muppet, and all things chocolate. Asherah can be found online at  or contacted directly at 

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In this workshop, participants will learn how to create a Curriculum Vitae (CV) by becoming familiar with the necessary components to secure employment in academia. The CV is a critical part of one's Teaching Portfolio and workshop participants will also determine relevant features needed for their personal job search.

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In our time together you'll learn the #1 secret to access your mind's infinite potential (and live without limits), break through your limiting beliefs that have blocked success and money, and discover how to have time for what's really important.

Amanda Elo’esh Johnsen, M.A. is co-author of "Holistic Fashionista Memoirs," author of the forthcoming book “Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping: The Extraordinary Woman’s Guide To Having It ALL!” and an international speaker, teacher and spiritual leader. She is educated and initiated as a Counseling Psychologist, Expressive Arts Therapist, Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Ordained Priestess and Shamanic Healer. She’s shared her wisdom in close to 20 countries, including Auroville, India, and the Prana Festival in New Zealand. For over 30 years, she’s dedicated herself to research and study of the subconscious and its untapped and infinite potential. She is the founder of the Living Wisdom School, Steward of The Center for Living Wisdom, and & Minister for Medicine Path Native American Church. She is an expert in helping Professional Women (and Men) to break through the limiting subconscious fears that are holding them back from their full potential in business, relationships and wellness.

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This free workshop will introduce you to everything you need to know to start marketing yourself on the Internet.

Participants will be introduced to the essential components of a sophisticated digital marketing operation:

- Customer research
- Website / Brand / Messaging
- Social Media Marketing
- Content Marketing
- Email Marketing

Abeer Desai has worked with a variety of businesses around the world on their marketing strategy and implementation. He is currently the Director of Marketing for a software company based in Silicon Valley. Abeer holds a BS in Business from NYU Stern. He is studying at PCC to understand how business processes and perspective can be integrated with an enchanted cosmology to be a life-affirming source of value.

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Karenina Jahnigen is a Performance Psychology Coach and Breakthrough Specialist for social entrepreneurs and leaders who are on a mission to change the world. 

For more than 15 years Karenina has been searching for the keys to unlocking success and performance, especially for those who are visionary, big thinkers with grand ideas and little time. 

Well-traveled and raised on two continents, Karenina has gathered in-depth experience and training in the fields of project management and leadership, communication management, personal development and positive psychology and fitness and performance. 

On her path to developing her accelerated and integrative approach to create profound change, she was able to reverse engineer her debilitating symptoms of both ADHD and an incurable medical condition that lead to over 80 surgical procedures from the time she was 15.

It was the deep belief that she had a brilliant and creative mind despite all her challenges, and that once she found the “hidden keys to unlocking it”, that she would be able to help thousands of people looking for the same results. 

Karenina channels her energy into the high-intensity work she does with her unstoppable entrepreneur clients, that fly to her from all over the US and Canada. In this webinar you will learn what the #1 Hidden Key To Unlocking Brilliant Minds is, so you can start unlocking your own brilliant mind and start changing the world!

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