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The letter part three
A room in the upstairs of the house glowed a yellowish white
as the sounds of typing came from one of the corners. Tom had bought that old
typewriter as some kind of romantic idea had in a weak moment at the flea
market in the centre of Paris. It had been m...

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Endless rain in paper cups
mystifying things might not really be the done-thing these days. We live in a very
cynical world and most people are very quick to see through most of the chaff,
as we are now totally desensitized and devoid of any great emotions thanks to
the wonderfu...

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Some experiences in life give the opportunity for a bit of empathy for those that you live with, and give you a better understanding of what happens when what you take for granted is taken away from you. This week has given all of htose in the house to do p...

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The Letter Part 2
The letter part 2 The reservoir was giving off steam at this time in the
morning, the vapour rising lazily and creating a cloud that collected a few
inches over the water. The cicadas were still chirping, not having stopped all
day, their incessant noise in...

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Recovering a satellite...
Pressure. I feel pressure and it won’t go away until I write
it all down; this is mothing unusual. Ninety eight percent of the time I delete
what I have written as it would be considered too incendiary or too overly
soppy to actually inflict on the internet...

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The letter part one
No alarm clock went off that morning, none had in quite some
time. There was no shrill nagging noise to prise bleary eyes open and then drag
and heave the half rested body out of bed anymore; those days were over. A pair of eyes fluttered open as consciousn...

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A mis alumnations...
Señores, por segunda vez me dejo en vuestras manos escribiendo en un idioma que no es mía, lo cual tiene sus riesgos. La ventaja es que de esta forma me tenéis a mano para preguntar en el instante que querría deciros. Mis alumnations, mis alferezes ¡Si supi...

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I'm not a racist, I hate my neighbours far too much...
A late night conversation at the 'come down' point after a night's partying and drinking blurted out the title of this post to a group of five or six people sitting around an open fire in a living room, somewhere in the back streets of Hull. The actual sent...

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Alvaro and Klynton, you will either love or hate this!
Oh, bother. Jim Cummings, the voice of Winnie the Pooh, reads Darth Vader's lines & it is fantastic.

Just to let those of you that know about it (and those of you that might have some interest in it) I am no longer co owner of the language school I set up with a business partner in September. I have been left with practically nothing, but have learnt a lot of valuable lessons about business and how it all works. There might be a blog about it when it isn't all so fresh, for now it's enough.

Take care Googlepeeps,

B xx
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