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In this article, sax pro and educator Brad Carman shares a totally unique approach to getting comfortable in all 12 years using your ears and your brain (while also boosting your technique). I guarantee you won't find this killer stuff anywhere else.
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Zach Sollitto profiles some of the best and brightest in the mouthpiece making and refacing world. These guys are responsible for some of the best saxophone mouthpieces in the world, and can take take a mouthpiece that's a zero and turn it into a hero. 
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Looking for exercises that will quickly boost your technique, ability to play in different keys, improvisation, and a multitude of other areas of your playing? Then try these out.
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If you haven't put much time into learning to transpose, you're missing out on a wellspring of musical freedom, not to mention practical real-life skills you'll need when placed in a many musical situations. NYC recording artist and teacher Sam Sadigursky takes us through this challenging but rewarding practice so that you no longer have to rely on always having sheet music that's written specifically for your instrument.
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I'm trying something a little different this week. What I say in this article may not go over too well with some of you guys, but I had to get it off my chest. Definitely curious to get your feedback here.
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That's great, in the long run your hussle will serve you very well as it has served so many great musicians throughout music history. :)
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Here's something for all you obsessive gearheads, or those of you who would like to avoid having their musical progress derailed by an overdependence on sax gear. Or for those of you who like fun and informative articles for sax players. 
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NYC saxophone recording artist and educator, our very own Sam Sadigursky shares a technique used in just about all of the great solos - a technique that will allow you to play those long flowing lines that weave gracefully through the chord changes.
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Saxophone product guru, Zach Sollitto takes us into the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show and gives us a glimpse at some of the hottest saxophones and sax products to hit the market this year. Fascinating stuff as always.
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Here's a rare interview with one of the world's greatest saxophonists interviewing one of the world's greatest mouthpiece maker. Phil tells it like it is and doesn't pull any punches. Some incredible stories and insights for all sax players, I guarantee that you will not be bored.
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Zach Sollitto gives us one of his amazing walk-throughs of a horn that is likely to make some big waves. As with all of Zach's reviews, this one is packed with great insights on what it takes for a horn to be a hit or a miss. An audio A/B comparison between this horn and a Selmer Super Balanced Action is included as well.
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Saxophone tips, techniques, interviews, reviews, and news.
Welcome to the Google+ home for the world's foremost online saxophone magazine (hey, I know it's not humble, I'm just playing along with the brand name).

Why I Bothered Creating

Put simply, the purpose of this site is to provide the best saxophone tips, techniques, reviews, overviews, interviews, and just about anything else for the saxophone player looking to improve their sax playing and have a great time doing it.

What’s in it for You?
  • By absorbing the vast wealth of information and practical exercises that I and my guest contributors will share on various aspects of saxophone mastery, you’ll accelerate the process of improving your playing.
  • You’ll receive guidance on the best saxophone equipment for your needs.
  • You’ll be enlightened by interviews including podcasts with some of the best sax players on the scene.
  • By learning from, and about, the great saxophonists past and present, you will find yourself doused with healthy helpings of genius juice.
  • You’ll take in the business wisdom of the pros so that you can actually make a living blowing into that horn.
  • You will never want for great resources outside of the site to help you along your saxophone journey.
  • You’ll stay up to date with the latest and greatest news in the world of saxophone.
  • You’ll be able to point your saxophone students to a new resource that will help them become better as well.
  • Thanks to the oodles and oodles of saxophone goodness on the site, you’ll become increasingly inspired to get better on your instrument, making your life a lot more fun.
  • You’ll be entertained with my razor-sharp wit (not to mention my humility).
As for me…A brief history:
  1. Picked up the sax in 6th grade
  2. Became a bona-fide band geek in high school, entered lots of competitions, even won a bunch of different awards including the Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Award.
  3. Travelled to unfairly-maligned New Jersey to study at William Paterson College – the little commuter school with 60 of the best college jazzbos this side of the Kremlin.
  4. While in college, did a 6-month stint with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and even a few gigs out of state with reggae master Half Pint (I swear I didn’t inhale).
  5. Also while in college, discovered electronic music and started producing jazz-flavored house music for a variety of underground dance labels.
  6. Post-B.M. (which is pretty-much what a Bachelor of Music degree will get you), my musical collaborator (Gabriel D Vine) and I started performing our electronic jazzy house music live, and I started getting lots of gigs with DJ’s in Los Angeles jamming over dance records.
  7. These days, playing gigs sporadically and constantly seeking ways to combine my passions for music, writing, and technology.