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Brendasue Watson
Works at Kate's Cabin on Rainbow Creek Bird Sanctuary
Lives in Hempstead, Texas
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Brendasue Watson

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Welcome to Texas!
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+Felipe Totora they're not all like this. It is a very diverse state with plenty of culture and different life styles. You need to understand the benefits that this research does, and killing a few thousand rattlesnakes a year is extremely beneficial to the surrounding environment. They may seem uneducated, because some are, but this is the same with the entire world. Texas, in my opinion is one of the greatest states in the country. Not because I live here, but because there is so much to learn outside of you bubble and it can normally make a good lasting impression on the way you see things. 😁
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Brendasue Watson

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Brendasue Watson

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ese lemti
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Brendasue Watson

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Brendasue Watson

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This is the writing on the wall
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Brendasue Watson

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please pray to stop this   please
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Brendasue Watson

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I have a new account +brendasuewatson so please visit there also!

Welcome to my Profile Page!


I am +brendasue of Rainbow Creek. I have arrived at Sixty Something, somehow! The good thing about the sixties is being comfortable in my shoes. In other words:  I know who I am and finally accept who I am as a good person.  I can no longer say:  ‘when I grow up, I want to be…’ rather, I have grown up and I am!!!!

I live alone now, in the woods with the dogs, birds, trees, and creatures in a rural community in South Texas.  I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and worked as a professional chef for 35 years and can say: I can cook! I was forced into early retirement 12 years ago by illness for me (now in remission) and declining health of my parents. My Dad got us a farm in Hempstead when I was 12. That is when I fell in love with the woods and the country. I took care of my parents and the farm until they left the planet 6 years ago. With deep regret, we lost the farm when my (ex) siblings wanted money more than they wanted the land. I had promised my Mom I would take care of her birds when she left. My cabin is 2 miles away from the farm. I bought a 1/2lot next to mine that had a little shack on it. I invested the money from the farm into building a private bird sanctuary, camp cabin, and Memorial butterfly gardens for Moms birds. Hummingbirds were her favorite. I am happy to say that in a place that had no birds, after my habitat construction and planting, the birds came!! The first year I had 50 or so hummers show up. For the last 3 years over 200 of the tiny birds come in August and stay until October when they leave for Mexico. I do not know how they found me from the ranch, but they are here, and they come back every year!

In addition to the tiny birds, other birds on the spring or fall migrations also travel through this part of Texas and stop here for a few days. A great colony of waterbirds, (thousands), come in the spring and fall to the small lake at the end of Rainbow Creek. Red Shoulder Hawks live on the creek. One I named Rambo, is a friend and comes to visit!  In November, the winter guests arrive. They are turkey buzzards and black vultures. Today (12 31) there are over 4oo of them in the tall pine trees on the Creek. These are very large birds!! Over the years, these buzzards have become my favorite over all others!! I know this is odd. I have made friends with them and they allow me to hangout with them!! My fave is named King Buzz. In January the goldfinches will arrive with the pine siskins. In February, the buzzards leave and the hawks return to mate and raise the young. The migrating visitors are accepted by the resident birds that live here. I have many cardinals including a white headed one. There are blue jays, 3 crows, Carolina chickadees, 2 inca doves, 2 mourning doves and a few tufted titmouse, pileated woodpeckers, red bellied sapsuckers and they all nest on the grounds of the sanctuary.

To the Young People coming across my page: I want you to know that never in my wildest dreams as a child, did I think I would end up in life building-owning-maintaining a bird sanctuary!! Sometimes your path will lead you in ways you can not anticipate! My Dad did occasionally refer to me as a bird-brain, which as it turns out, is true!! Sometimes the emotional pain from the death and separation of your parents (or anyone close), will cause a change in perception of who you were to who you now are, an orphan. Grief is a personal process for everyone. Death is most painful when it is someone in your daily life. For me, I had made a promise to my Mom regarding the birds. I actually had a problem with moms birds, or the feeding thereof!  The bird seed containers attracted the field mice which brought the snakes, which I would then have to go kill if she saw one. I killed a lot of snakes over the years that came up from the lake. The seed also invited the squirrels and raccoons who opened every container I tried!!!!When I went to the feed store, it was to buy birdseed, horse food, catfish chow, duck corn, cat food and dog food in 50 pound bags. Dad had done the chores all our life, but now he could not. None of this bothered Mom. She was going to feed her birds no matter what. I dealt with the seed problems, I cleaned out all the concrete bird baths, I climbed ladders to hang the hummingbird feeders high from the barn cats. I kept the flower garden and killed the snakes just so she could just sit there and watch her birds. What great Joy and Love she had for her birds. That was the gift she gave me for a lifetime. This Gift is what I want to share with the people of the world.

It is important to love the birds, flowers, trees and all living things in addition to respecting the Earth. It is important to love people and share knowledge, freedom, beauty, truth and love. It is my goal to connect with other Nature Lovers and Artists on a world platform and network creative solutions to the problems of all Humanity for the sake of future generations of People and to Create Content of current events for documentation of history on the global scale on the Internet.

I invite you to follow my new blog:  Kates Cabin Bird Sanctuary in Texas. Please visit my Picasa Web Albums to view life at the Bird Sanctuary. You can find me on Google+. I am +brendasue watson.

I am the daughter of Thomas and Elisabeth Watson, the mother of Brandi and Brett, and the grandmother of Kate, Caroline and Bryan. Thank You for visiting my page. Nice to meet You!

Happy New Year!

brendasue of Rainbow Creek

Bragging rights
Ask me about my Grandchildren!!!
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Hempstead, Texas
West University Place, Houston, Texas - Austin, Texas
Author, Artist, Bird Feeder
  • Kate's Cabin on Rainbow Creek Bird Sanctuary
    Author,Nature Photographer,Bird Feeder, present
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