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OK, when you hear a story that suits your prejudices, and you loudly buy into it, only to later find out that the story was a hoax or parody?  Please spare the rest of us the follow-up line that it's so telling that you found the false story plausible.  

The only thing that it tells us is that you're gullible and want to believe bad things about people you don't like.

And my patience runs out with sites that immediately hector me with subscription or membership offers because I followed a link to one of their stories. Website I've never seen before (or news site I never visit), there is zero chance that I'm so impressed by the content that your pop-up or interstitial is keeping me from actually seeing that I'll leap at your offer.

Doubly so when it takes several seconds to load, after I've zoomed in to actually read the tiny text on my tablet, and the pop-up is so large I'd have to scroll up to find the close button. No, the tab just gets closed, then...and on any site with that shtick, now, I think.

This is shaping up to be a weirdly busy summer at work. I'm used to (with few exceptions) clients being tight-fisted during the summer, uninterested in new projects. But just today,I have a presentation on a big proposal and got a biggish job dumped in my lap.

After the slow winter (which is usually big spending time early in fiscal years), I'm happy for it, though.

Oh, Weather Channel.

I actually like your new (android) app, after getting used to it. But something that I don't like, as a user and application developer? Gamification in the form of achievements for doing particular things with the app (watch a weather video, etc.).

You should be reacting to what users are interested in, not trying to cajole them into giving enough attention to justify portions of the project after the fact.

A bit of design advice when it comes to privacy on web sites: don't bother assuring me that you're going to respect my privacy after you've asked me a battery of entirely unnecessary, intrusive, and mandatory questions.

If you want to respect my privacy, don't ask anything that you don't absolutely need to know to let me download some developer software.

And then, make sure the freakin' download link works, Adobe.

For anyone trying to hunt down a replacement for Google Reader, two tables (continually being added to) comparing solutions out there:

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Well, crap.

Google is end-of-lining Google Reader, which I use extensively.

I'm now looking for replacements, but this is really irritating.

ETA: And yes, the Reader closure is trending, despite only us nobodies using it...

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Added photos to Grey Thursday / Black Friday Assault.

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August 23, 2012 - Minecraft Arboretum (7 photos)
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Minecraft Weirdness

I was at +Kyle Jackson's 10 Km S base (which +Alexander Williams and I just finished a tunnel to through the Nether). I'd just demonstrated Snow Golems to Alex when I went "Whoah!" these peculiar-looking clouds.
Minecraft Cloud Weirdness (8 photos)
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