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Mark Jackson
Author: Red9 Studio Tools
Author: Red9 Studio Tools

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Red9 ProPack – Butterworth Filter – Animation Re-Sampling on Steroids!
Read More Here Coming Very Soon!!! This is a huge new feature for any animators dealing with dense baked data. The Red9 StudioPack already has an interactive curve filter to deal with re-sampling animation curves but soon the ProPack will be getting an all ...

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New Health Manager added to ProPack!
Read More Here ProPack just got more powerful with the addition of a crucial new system to check the status of assets before they hit production. We’ve been using this internally for a while now to check our rigs before we ship them out to clients and we th...

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Red9 StudioPack - New Autodesk Exchange Build released! Great news for everybody running our Red9 StudioPack from the Autodesk Exchange website, this morning a fresh build went live which is Win, MacOS and Linux compatible. This is a big update for the...

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New Red9 Website!
Well we finally launched our new website and as part of that we have a new blog which will become our main point of reference from now on. This blog will still be active but mainly just for more random mutterings. The new site also has a ton of details rega...

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Red9 ProPack : Animation Re-Director Update
I wanted to share this huge update to the Animation Re-Direction system in the Red9 ProPack. This new setup has been driven largely by the needs of one of our clients dealing with mass MoCap and needing to straighten out data shot in a tight volume, a reall...

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Red9 ProPack - Animation Systems updates now available to Clients
It's been a while since I posted on the blog and I thought it about time I did a few new updates to show what's now available in the Red9 ProPack to Clients taking Red9 Support. Firstly don't worry, StudioPack continues to get a lot of back-end updates and ...

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Pssst : Our new video course is up from CG Monks on the MetaData system using the Red9 tools from +Mark Jackson

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Red9 Production - First outing of our new rigging systems
Over the last 6 months Red9 Consultancy has been gearing up and in the process getting some really nice gigs. This is the first TV commercial to use our new rigging systems, lots of squash, stretch and full quadruped rigging. Great project to be involved wi...

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Red9 ProPack - First Sneak Peak - Animation ReDirector
We'll we thought it was about time that we started to show you what we've been up to with the Red9 ProPack. This first demo is the Animation ReDirector, a powerful tool for doing just that, taking a current animation and non-destructively and dynamically re...

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Red9 Language Packs!
Wow, it's been a while since I posted up, hopefully over the next few months we'll be showing a lot more of what we've been up to both with the pro-pack and the consultancy business. We we're recently involved in a number of TV commercials which we should b...
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