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Thank you, #googlefuckingplus  for making it so easy for me to accidentally share bullshit from someone i was trying desperately to unfollow / uncircle / unwhatever. And NO DELETE FUNCTION on your mobile app, which is ridiculous beyond belief. Why would anyone ever create anything that doesn't allow for editing and deletion? WHY?

That's what I get for visiting G+. I get annoyed by bullshit, then I try to disconnect from the bullshitter who bullshits it, and next thing I know, I've shared bullshit! 

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People want legalization, but they don't necessarily want a dispensary moving in next door. We have the answer! 

ohmyfuck here we go again. 

Lovely #googlefuckingplus at it again, this time it's fucking with my ability to do my job. Trying to un-fubar the whole YouTube / GooglePlus thing, noticing I NOW OWN THREE PAGES that should belong to my employer's account. Including the page I set up JUST NOW from THE COMPANY'S YOUTUBE ACCOUNT which uses THE COMPANY'S GMAIL but the page is owned BY ME what the actual fuck google.

Not sure whether I hate Google Plus or Bing more. It's a toss-up. I do hate me some Bing. But I manage to avoid Bing pretty well, so since Google Plus is a pain in my ass I can't avoid, Google Plus wins. 

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Hello googleplus, my old nemesis. Here, I'm sharing a thing.

Fuck you Google Plus, just fuck you. Give me back my YouTube identity. Stop fucking trying to impose your shitty ... whatever google plus was supposed to be ... on me. What is this place even? 

I hate this place. I hate not being able to watch youtube videos AS ME. Comment AS ME. 

dotlizard. i'm dotlizard from the internet. Fuck anyone who wants to drag my actual name into this.  It's irrelevant. It's not who I am here. No one fucking knows who Karen is. it's dot. dotlizard. 

Oh you want some hashtags? #googleplussucks #fuckgoogleplus #googlejumpedtheshark   #dontbeevilgoogle  

Fuck everything about google plus. You can keep dragging people to this piece of shit, Google, but it's just the next Wave.

In quiet times, I fantasize about deleting every google-based account I have and walking away, on principle. I can't even leave a scathing review on a shit Android app without googlefuckingplus being involved. And Youtube ... I can't even WATCH videos in peace without being harassed about googlefuckingplus. 

I am angrier than I ought to be about this. 

But really. Fuck this place, and the fact I was forced to use it to write a goddamned product review on a shitty product. I'd rather make that choice of where I want to post things myself, Google. 

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#movember2013  <3
Is there anything sexier in this whole world than a manly man with a mustache?

I think not.

#Movember   #MoBro  

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Despite all the pitfalls of life and love, I find that most of the political commitments I made as a young woman still sustain me in old age. Feminism has given me a language for recognising rather than disavowing the vulnerabilities we all experience, whatever our age. Hope can live with apprehension, in love and in politics, as together we shrink those generational divisions erected all around us.

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Inmates convicted of nonviolent crimes account for 86% of the federal prison population.

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