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Google Glass Revolution
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Tiny Camera in Contact Lense!
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No way !!! :) Google Seeks to Integrate Cameras Into Contact Lenses
Google has a new patent application with the USPTO, which takes one of the basic concepts of Glass and extends it even further, embedding tiny cameras that could be embedded in contact lenses for various uses, including photographing what a wearer sees, or providing the basic input for a contact-based assistive device for the visually impaired.

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Photo credit: Google
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Glass Humor!
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Careful what you ask for! :)   #GoogleGlass  Cartoon
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Passing the Test with Glass!
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See Eyeglasses

Wearing glasses is a powerful thing, isn’t it?
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I know it! I cut hair and just got glasses. Whoa. What a difference! Xx
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This is my 6 year old Abby. She is still learning how to use my glass and she loves it. Please excuse the baby doll pee discussion with the 2 year old and the dog jumping in the background. 
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Google Patents Contact Lenses That Contain Microcameras!
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Vernor Vinge foresaw this: newly patented technology could potentially allow Google to shrink Google Glass eyewear to the size of a single contact lens. Rather than be controlled by voice, those wearing the contacts would command their device through “a sophisticated system” of “unique blinking patterns.”  I prefer the interface methods I discuss in EXISTENCE.  Blink signaling is going to be very very dorky.
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Award Winning Cinematographer, John Stephens, and Google Glass!
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Award Winning Cinematographer, John Stephens, and Google Glass!

What did John Stephens think about Google Glass after trying them on for the very first time?

In his words, “This is incredible.”
John has had an amazing career. Long before Google Glass or GoPro technology, John was one of the first cinematographers to take action shots for major movies. He did so by creating and mounting adjustable cameras on the outside of race cars, planes, boats, and people (skiing and jumping down the slopes).

Notable movies John worked on include Indiana Jones, Grand Prix, ET, Titanic, and Ice Station Zebra just to mention a few. I asked John about which shot and technique was his favorite and he responded, the race car mounted video shots he designed and captured in the movie Grand Prix.

Personally, I also think it’s cool that John took karate lessons with Elvis and was personal friends with Marilyn Monroe. They even had a “date” together while taking a sleigh ride in Colorado.

Here’s a short video through Google Glass as through John’s eyes.

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Ubiquitous Wearables?
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Reality: Everyone is going to have Google Glass or something like it soon

1) The tech is just too good. 
2) Most people surveyed would buy them at some pricepoint. The market will create versions at those price points for that reason. 
3) The weirdo haters will end up looking like hillbillies. 

You can't fight the future, weirdos. Think about the idiots that hated on cars, computers, compact disks, and tablets. I can remember getting picked on for getting a tablet computer.

"It's just a big phone larl!

I can remember the retards that picked on people for owning phablets. Now bigger phones own the smartphone market. You need to get over yourself haters. Better technology comes along, and people adopt it. Glass is better technology. People will adopt it. 
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