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Jessica Elvidge
Love and disaster.
Love and disaster.

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Loads of great new stuff coming out from the awesome team at +Earth Unplugged Let's go Slo Mo!

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Something from the +Earth Unplugged team who I'm working with these days. BABY ELEPHANT KLAXON..... Elephant birth caught on CCTV at Chester Zoo 2013 (Part 2) - Earth Unplugged - BBC

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Freddie Mercury would've turned 65 today. The occasion brings to mind a lovely little story involving a comedy act adored by the Queen frontman: The Marx Brothers. In fact, Freddie loved their movies so much that in 1975 he persuaded the rest of Queen to name album No.4, "A Night at the Opera," after the 1935 Marx Brothers film of the same name. Everyone agreed, and their subsequent request for permission was a success. To their surprise however, it also resulted in a personal letter from Groucho:


I am very pleased you have named one of your albums after my film and that you are being successful. I would be very happy for you to name your next one after my latest film, The Greatest Hits of the Rolling Stones.


Happy birthday Freddie.

Who are all you strangers?

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