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Kitchen Renovation & Changes
Wow you guys. It's been a while.  If you haven't noticed on all my social media feeds, big changes have and will continue to be occurring. About a month ago my husband started a new job... in Denver, Colorado! It's a long story, but to be short and frank - ...

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Simple Date Granola Bars
It's really not like me to feel so off and out of it for more than a day, but lately I've felt like I'm living in a haze. It's these ruts, deep and unannounced, that force me to dive deeper into my passions, like running & cooking, in hopes of resurfacing. ...

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Sesame Ginger Dressing
You guys, this winter blew. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, but I've been so over it since January. With spring trying to make it's comeback, my body is craving greens in a big way. Our garden is just waiting for us to plant it full of kale, spinach, a...

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Classic Hummus Dip
Recently asked to guest post over at  Tasty Table Topics and wanted to share that post here as well.  Growing up on a farm in central Illinois, I was raised on a "meat and potatoes" mentality of eating. When the family would sit down for dinner each night, ...

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How to Make Vegan Cheese
I've always been super skeptical of vegan cheese. For someone who has ventured into a plant based diet because of the health benefits, eating processed vegan cheese just didn't seem like a good alternative and frankly I thought they all tasted like plastic....

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Whole Wheat Hippie Crackers
If someone would have told me in high school that in the future I would end up swearing off meat, commercial body products, and stop washing my hair every day... I would probably laugh at this future "hippie." Yeah, I'm a little bit granola, but I wouldn't ...

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Simple Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
If I had to document my life based on one type of food, chocolate chips cookies would be it. For such a simple cookie, these bad boys sure come packed with a lot of memories. Childhood consisted mostly of Grandma's cakey chocolate chip cookies. It seemed li...

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Spicy PB & Jelly Tofu Sandwich
Lately I've been reading several books and articles about the notion of simplicity. How so often we think of living "simple" in terms of having a lack of material possessions. While this is a great aspect of living this way, I am finding that this isn't the...

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Messy Vegan Chocolate Praline Cake
I've shared countless times how my mother has & always will be a source of inspiration for me... Well this lady is another year older and I wanted to celebrate her birthday with our family's favorite Chocolate Praline Cake. My mother is always up to somethi...

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2014 // Let's Discover
One of the biggest reasons I love taking a vacation during the holidays is because it is ALWAYS needed during this season. We all are guilty of it, running ourselves ragged in preparation for the end of the year, so when my parents suggested we take a week ...
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