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So, who's up for some d'Oliveiras on #madeirawineday  - maybe the 1875 Moscatel?

I know, it's most likely the first thing that comes to mind when we Madeira geeks think of Pereira d'Oliveira - old wines. No producer is in possession of more aged stuff than these guys - there are actually more than a million liters aging in their canteiros - but still what they sell the most is just like everyone else, good reliable young wines. Myself, I'm especially fond of the 5 & 10 Years Old Dry blends.

D'Oliveiras represent a more traditional style of Madeira although there are tendencies here as well towards a more refreshing, less oxidative appearance. If you want to try the "newer" style of the house, go for a Colheita. The 1988 Verdelho for example. Elegant, seductive and refreshing. But sure, I'm not the one to turn down a glass of their 1850 Verdelho either....

Is d'Oliveiras Your choice on the 1st of July?

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1 de julho é Dia da Madeira e #madeirawineday
Comemorar com Madeira.

Claro que você deve ser! Saiba mais aqui!

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"For a second I’m actually thinking old school Bordeaux reminiscence when the lead pencil and wet leather scents puffs by."

Blandy's first 30 Years Old blend - a Bual - is a great start & a super elegant wine. Would I like to see more stuff like this, maybe a 30 YO Sercial? You bet!

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”The 1877 tells me its life story. And I’m listening.”

Why write about a wine that few will ever taste? What’s the point?
Well, sometimes the wine is just a part of the bigger picture; that is the social aspects of wine, the greatness of sharing, the people behind it and how we just love when there’s a story linked to a specific bottle.

#madeira   #madeirawine   #vinhomadeira   #vinho   #wine   #terrantez   #madeirawineday   #portugal   #vintage  #1877 

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Start the planning!

“Dia da Madeira” (Madeira day) is celebrated on the 1st of July, the date when Portugal granted Madeira its autonomy back in 1976. It’s a perfect occasion to show you support the craftsmanship carried out by those involved in the Madeira wine production, from growers to producers. Last year was the first Madeirawineday and it was a joy to see so many posting photos on Madeira, talking about it & promoting the most breathtaking wine in the world.

But one time is no time so let’s make this a recurring tradition! On the 1st of July, wherever you are in the world, show us all what Madeira wine you’re having this very special day. Post a photo with the hashtag ‪#‎madeirawineday‬ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…anywhere! And don’t forget to tell us the most important thing; how was it, the wine?

Awesome if you'd like to be a part of this & help turning the 1st of July into an annual Madeira wine day! So, start planning what to pop!

We’re Mad about Madeira. Are you?

P.S. Sharing this post will boost Your karma.

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The first 50 Years Old Madeira to be released - and it's a Tinta Negra!

#madeira   #wine   #vinho   #vinhomadeira   #madeirawine   #50years  #henriquesandhenrivues
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