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Hey +James Peterson, how did the Frankenstein brew ever turn out?  I was MIA there when it was supposed to be ready.
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It turned out alright. Wheaty and bitter. Could have used more cherries
I've never had great success with fruit, doesn't seem to matter how much I add.  I gave up on fruit beers long ago...I think you need to pasteurize and force carbonate to get what you want out of it
lol, mine too...that's why I gave up on them!
I have an ESB that went into the bottles this past weekend.  I used all ingredients with roots in England...because of the Olympics.  It was a convenient excuse to try something new.
Hey, nice thinking! The 23rd my Saison will be ready. This weekend I'm going to look into getting another kit or 2. Not exactly sure what.....
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