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Women Photojournalists of Washington
WPOW: Women Photojournalists of Washington
WPOW: Women Photojournalists of Washington

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In Praise of the Personal Project by @natgeo photo editor, Elizabeth Krist #ProTipTuesday

By Elizabeth Krist Shooting for yourself gives you the luxury to experiment – whether it’s with technique (a low-risk opportunity to stretch and shoot in a looser, less controlled, even outrageous way) or whether it’s with a topic (giving yourself a way…

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Instagram Review: Confluence: Considering the Anacosta

Photos by Becky Harlan Becky Harlan heard about the Anacostia River before she saw it. In fact it took her a while to actually see the river because of how difficult it is for a person to access on foot. Harlan, a recent graduate of the Corcoran, had been…

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Friend of WPOW @jaredsoares on the importance of marketing and how to do it without being annoying #ProTipTuesday:

Photos and text by Jared Soares When I started freelancing a couple years ago, nobody told me that marketing would be a significant and vital part of the practice. Even with the numerous social channels, the chances of being discovered based on quality of…

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Instagram Review: In Search of a Moment with Gabriella Demczuk

How do you make emotional, storytelling photos when your subject is constantly in a controlled setting, being photographed by a dozen of other photographers? This is Gabriella Demczuk’s daily challenge. Although it’s not what she initially set out to do…

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Instagram Review- How Lianne Milton Found the Light Within the Dark

Photos by Lianne Milton Sometimes the most challenging story to tell is one that has been told too much. After witnessing the oversaturation of violence stories in Central and South America, photojournalist Lianne Milton focused on showing the side of the…

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Feeling overwhelmed about #copyright? Alicia Calzada shares 3 things you need to know: #ProTipTuesday

Introduction by Mallory Benedict; Tips by Alicia Calzada Maybe it’s just me, but business and law classes in j-school were the ones I always wanted to either skip or sleep through. Of course it’s always the most important information we don’t want to…

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WPOW Welcomes Molly Roberts and Jacquelyn Martin to Board of Directors

WPOW is pleased to announce the expansion of our Board of Directors with the addition of two confident and well respected members. Both of these members deeply understand and care about the organization and are invested in the photo community at large.…

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So you want to start a Kickstarter? Crowdsourcing veteran, Jenna Isaacson Pfueller tells you how in today's #ProTipTuesday:

Text and photos by Jenna Isaacson Pfueller So you wanna do a project and raise money for it online? GREAT! It’s a long way between dreaming on your couch to a successful campaign– and even further to completing the project of your dreams. Here’s some…

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Instagram Review: Exploring Mystery with Astrid Riecken

Maintaining a true and identifiable aesthetic is something every photojournalist aspires to–a trademark vision. Astrid Riecken has it. Last week she shared a retrospective of her work on the WPOW Instagram and each photo felt like its own story. So…

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Multi-tasking Done Right, as told by Jenn Heffner (@VitaImages) #ProTipTuesday

Text and photos by Jennifer Davis Heffner People often ask me how I get everything done in a week. Is it the Super Girl sitting on my desk? Do I have a team of house elves who work through the night? Here are a few secrets I use to stay sane: Outsource –…
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