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I just installed a trial version of Adobe Lightroom. Any advice or tutorials to get me going. I'm mainly looking to do general developing with it. Have been using Picasa for a while which I like, but am looking for something more powerful.
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Brian, I have been following your blog. Glad to see you are back to writing. I recently did a presentation for LR to my photoclub. Here are the links I shared with the group.

Adobe's website for news about upcoming releases and betas.

Matt K's Lightroom Killer tips website: The location for tons of presets and tips.

Lightroom Queen:

Jeffrey Friedl's export plugins (I use several of his plugins for exporting: Facebook, Flickr, G+, Smugmug)
Lightroom comes with export plugins for many of these services already, but he adds some nice features that I like more than the default.

Additional plugins for exporting, etc.

GPS Logging - for the creation of GPS track logs you can import into the Maps module of LR.

MotionX GPS for the iphone (what I currently use)
MyTracks for the android (what I used to use, exports to Google maps then you can export from Google to a tracklog file.)
Thanks for the info and for following my blog Mark. I'm actually still with Picasa. I use a netbook and can deal with the program being slow, but the monitor size is holding me back the most. Tough to get enough space on the screen to make it useful. I hope to upgrade in the next year and will take another look at it then.
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