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Steve Gundill
Foodie, Dabble in Photography, Gamer, IT Guy, Writer and General Source of useless Information
Foodie, Dabble in Photography, Gamer, IT Guy, Writer and General Source of useless Information

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Missed out this year on being in this. Not been a good time health wise.

Hope you all make each other smile with awesome gifts. And I look forward to taking part next year. 

Anyone know how to make the curve feature work on the HTC 10 version of this keyboard. Seems to suggest the feature is for swipe typing but it doesn't work. It's turned on but no ability to swipe across keys.

Anyone got the new HTC 10 and managed to get the curve typing to work on the new TouchPal keyboard. Can't swipe to type at all which is very annoying.

Kind of like the look of the keyboard but had to ditch already for google one to get swipe typing back.

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People of the world. Please help this guy start a new life. Every little helps...

So lollipop had been out for ages now and certain things still drive me crazy about it. Worst of all are the recent adopted screen been in the horrid windows vista style page view with no clear all and being forced to use 5.0 versions of apps like gmail, where the ever present compose button sends my ocd wild.

So much of 5.0 is just a cluttered brash mess. So much so I am still ignoring the update on my phone. Mainly for the two reasons above, I like a nice simple recent app screen that I can clear in one touch and instantly see what's open without scrolling through. And I like my gmail in nice clean colours with more emails showing at once nicely and neatly, not the chunky red bar and everything being made bigger so you can't see as many at once. And the red compose button. It never goes away it's an ocd nightmare. At least it vanishes on g+ when you scroll down.

Will marshmallow be a return to nice crisp clear android or will the cluttered lollipop crap live on?

Am hoping for a return to nice clean and organised android.

Find myself watching another game where United look shocking under LVG. Constantly trying to slow the game down and playing the ball back. With long balls our main route to attack.

United used to be all about fast fluid attacking football. Now we seem to be about mediocre slow passing play with no creativity allowed. So disappointing to watch. The glory days seem so far away now.


+Manchester United​

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Wish this update message on my phone would go away. 2 weeks not its been bugging me to update to lollipop. But 5.0 makes apps like Gmail unusable for me and you can't downgrade to non material design versions of things once you jump to 5.0. Well it won't let me on my nexus 7, which now doesn't even get turned on due to the update. The horrid material design things drive my ocd crazy. Tablet is retired to a draw never to be used again.

So finally got android 5.0 on my nexus 7 and wow how bad is it. My lovely smooth fast tablet now is slow and laggy.

The material design keyboard is horrid, no separation between keys. Just one flat surface with letters printed on it. Terrible, needs defined keys.

Need to figure out how to stop it spamming my lock screen with emails and notifications, don't want them there. Even if you select not to have them swiping down on a locked device shows any you have. About as secure as a wet bag.

No more one finger swipe down from time to get to settings and quick settings. Have to two finger or double swipe.

It auto updated my gmail client and material design gmail its horrid to say the least.   No allowed to down grade the version either to a usable one. It fails to install all the time.

Even the material design version of google now is ruined. The only card it ever displayed that I used before is now gone. Now way to get it back, its just constantly full of things I have no interest in. 

And battery life is shot. Lost 20% in 30 mins since unplugging after update.

For the first time in years I am considering moving away from android to something I can customise properly again.
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