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Intro: Hvad er minimalisme?
Man hører om det oftere og oftere. Der står skrevet om det, og der
bliver fortalt om det på utallige medier. Men hvad er det? Grundessensen i
minimalisme er, at leve med mindre. Det handler om at skille sig af med hvad
man ikke har brug for, hvad der ikke g...

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What's in my bag and wallet?
I've never really  been much of a handbag kind of person. I've had my (small) share of bags though, but I never really used them as much as I would've liked to back then. Now that I've turned to minimalism, I've discovered that I never truly needed a handba...

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Minimalism - intro
Recently I've been searching for something to spend my time on while I'm at home. I stumbled upon minimalism and figured I might as well try and figure out what it's really all about. Last week I discovered the Amino Minimalism app. "What is it?" you might ...

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End Of An Era
Today has been an odd day so far. The reason why, is that todays has been my last day as a patient at OPUS Hvidovre. Bam. End of an era! Every time I've been there I've been looking at this tree. It amazes me every single time. Today I went for a 4,1 km wal...

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The Top of Denmark
This Weekend has been packed full of activities and traveling, and I thought I'd share it with you all! First of all it startet with a train ride of five and a half hours. I slept through the first two hours of the ride, and talked with my boyfriends for th...

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My trip to IKEA
Today I went to IKEA Taastrup with my sister. I had made a plan on the website ahead of the trip, knowing what you're going to get before you get there prevents buying stuff you don't really need, at least  that's what works for me. With my shopping list av...

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My IKEA Wish List
Lately I've been thinking a lot about this Zero Waste Lifestyle that I want to live. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos about how to and what not to, well not so much what not to do, but mostly that everything counts when you want to leave a smaller...

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New year, new things.
Hey everybody! So a lot has happened since my last blog. It's been way to long tbh. I got back together with my boyfriend! I moved to the suburbs of Copenhagen! I'm now living with a really great family. I got engaged on Christmas Eve! I had a really great ...

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Am I a YouTuber now?
Hello everyone! Last monday I made and posted a video on YouTube. Here it is! It's still very strange for me, to consider myself a person who actually made a YouTube video, but I did! And it's so exiting to follow up on how many views it has gotten. As of r...

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