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Can I get one
Someone handed me cookies in order to apologize for a scheduling mixup.

I am totally ok with this approach to apologies.

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"We will plumb the emotional depths of everyone in the photo, then summarize their feelings with a beautifully crafted, emotion icon."

Huh. According to the new "+Emotion" feature on Google+, I'm kinda grumpy in my profile photo...

More details on this feature:

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Ur so gorgeous .....that smile ......send me a message
Maybe one day, taking off Google Glass will be the ultimate sign of affection
"This must be going well — I haven't checked my phone all evening," my date remarked recently, as I slid my iPhone back into my purse. I'd ignored the buzzing gadget until he'd stepped away to use the restroom, only surrendering to curiosity and that "Oh, God! What if it's something important?" feeling in his brief absence.

Had I been wearing Google Glass ... what then? Would that lovely evening have been dotted with subtle peeks at the device's in-your-face display? Or would I have done a "Californian" and propped it atop my head to show I was really paying attention? Who knows? Maybe one day, taking off your Google Glass headset will be the ultimate sign of affection.

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