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What We Did With Our Sophomore Boys Basketball Team - Offense, Defense, Drills, Plays
In hopes of giving you some ideas and possibly helping your team in some way, I'm sharing what we did with our sophomore (10th grade) boys basketball team this year.  This includes our offense, defense, drills, plays, and so on.
Brief Overview and Results
For the 2015/16 season I coached the

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Why Coaching from Stands Causes Confusion - And How to Stop Parents From Doing It
If you have parents that shout instructions to their kids from the stands, you probably already know that can be problematic.

Nothing worse than a kid continually looking at their parents for approval during a game (instead of the coach) and often times the parent yelling instructions that

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How We Came Up With Our Team Core Values This Season

We tried something different this year.  We let the players come up with the core values and character values that we want to emphasis this year.

Here's how we came up with them...

First we had a meeting to brainstorm ideas.  BTW, this was our 10th grade boys team.   Players came up with

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Letter / Email to Youth Basketball Parents

Here's an email I send to parents of our YOUTH TEAMS right before our first tournament. Feel free to get ideas or copy pieces of it for your own use.

Before getting to the letter, keep in mind I have been coaching various levels for a long time. Things like "unequal playing time" might not

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How To Develop Great Spacing On Offense - Spacing Drills For Your Motion Offense

I explain motion offense to our teams in two sentences...

"We want spacing and ball movement until we get a good shot. Get all the rebounds and loose balls."

That's how I explain it to our 3rd graders, 5th graders, and 10th graders.  Everything we teach comes from that.  Those words are r

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5th Grade Girls Practice Plan #2
This was a really good practice for our 5th grade team.  Worked hard and played really good during the scrimmage...  HUGE improvement from our first practice!

Emphasis for Players - Communication, Leadership, and Hustle Plays (Effort)
Celebrate successes and effort. Chest bumps, high 5s, fist b

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3rd Grade Boys Basketball Practice Plan #5
Even though this practice plan is for 3rd graders (8 and 9 year olds), you can get ideas and use these drills for other age levels.

I use many of these same drills below in our 5th grade and high school practices.  I'll post some of those plans to once we start practices for the older kids.  

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It’s Not Christmas - No gifts for our opponent!
I found this saying in the UC coaching clinic notes that I really like...

“It’s not Christmas”. Meaning - No gifts for our opponent. Examples:

Free throws
Bad fouls
Open 3's for good shooter
Turnovers for touchdown

This fits my coaching philosophy and seems like a good way

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3rd Grade Boys Basketball Practice Plan #4
Here's our practice plan for 3rd grade boys basketball. It was a good practice... fast paced.

I've bee using "blocks" for our practices lately. It's usually 15 minutes for each block, which makes it easier for me to stay on track... I know I should finish a block every quarter hour.

I have a

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Learning About Basketball In Your Car - Listening to Podcasts
When I'm in the car, I like to listen to podcasts and learn about basketball.  Not only does it make time go much faster (avoid boredom) but I also get to learn about basketball and improve as a coach.

Yesterday I listened to Episode #9 – The Magic Words and Workouts That Took An Unknown Damian
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