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Beth Schwan
Music, movies, and baking are my passions!
Music, movies, and baking are my passions!

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Thanksgiving 2014
Thanksgiving 2014
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I'm really starting to wonder how any of our political leaders in Washington can pass judgment on the youth of America today for being "lazy" or wanting to be "ballers" when they are setting such a horrible example.

Go Buckeyes! 🏈

In a documentary about the 90s, you HAVE to talk about Jerry Springer! Haha!
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!!!!

Every day I feel like I won the lottery 💜

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My bff's birthday!!

There are a lot of things in life which are unpleasant. The greatest of these things is folding fitted sheets.

In my opinion, abstinence-only sex education is the equivalent of driver's ed teaching kids that the only way to be a safe driver is to walk everywhere. 

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Every child of the 80's suffered the embarrassment of the floating head photo. In this case, my brother got the worst of it
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