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Here's a card game that me and some friends came up with based on a Michael and Webb sketch +Will Hicks +Nathaniel Klein +Alias Cake

NumberWang Rules
NumberWang is a 3+ player card game played with a standard 52 card deck

Setup Rules
Starting hands are dealt out cards based on the number on the card the player draws from the deck if the player draws a card greater than 9 it counts as 6
If a game has already been played then the winner goes first

There are 3 types of cards: composite cards, prime cards, and face cards

Composite cards:
These cards are cards that have composite numbers on them e.g. 4,6,8,9,10 These cards must be played with one other composite number

Prime cards:
Prime cards are cards with Prime numbers on them e.g. 2,3,5,7,9 they are played by themselves

Face Cards:
Face cards are Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. There must be at least one face card for a NumberWang in all NumberWang options below 42 and 7 requires 2 face cards.
Jacks can be thrown with any set of cards that would normally be played, except with a pair of Queens. If a jack is used to get NumberWang discard the deck instead of taking.
Queens can only be played as a pair
Kings can only be played if there are 4 of them in which case the player gets NumberWang
Aces function as prime cards and face cards. They are worth 1 towards NumberWang. Also if played with a jack then the player gets NumberWang.

Trading face cards:
On a players turn that player can trade face cards with other players however they forfeit their turn

Ways to get NumberWang
Get one of the numbers which are NumberWang numbers
Play an ace and a jack (discard instead of taking after achieving NumberWang)
Play four of the same card e.g. 4 Queens (discard instead of taking after achieving NumberWang)

NumberWang number list
7,13,29,36 (all of these numbers need to be played with at least 1 face card) 42,69,77,99,100
This system should change daily so tomorrow it will be totally different

NumberWang counting system:
2-square root of 2
3- pi
4- square
5- satan
7- Voldemort
9-no (german)
10- .
12- astrology
14- minstrels
15+ you get to name it for the rest of the game

Discard Rules:
The pile is discarded when either an ace and Jack are played to get NumberWang
When NumberWang is achieved with the 7
When 4 cards are played
When only face cards where played in a players turn and it resulted in NumberWang

WangerNumb:If a player has no legal moves they call Wangernumb, if there are cards left in the decks the player draws 1-9 cards from one of the decks. Additionally, the player must either spin around 3 times, or if legally able, take a drink.

Victory Conditions
The game ends when only one player isn't in a permanent state of WangerNumb that player wins
When the sum of the cards played exceeds 100 the player with the most NumberWangs wins
When all players have Wangernumb the player with the most NumberWangs wins

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