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Professional; Geek; sadly not a Professional Geek
Professional; Geek; sadly not a Professional Geek

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This is something kind of fun that I've just come across and thought you guys might be interested...

If people are interested let me know and I'll start up a league just for Cambridge Cinema Club members.

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Here's my review for Mad Max: Fury Road, a really impressive film, with a lot more to it than I was expecting.

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Here's my (slightly delayed) review of Raiders of the Lost Ark from the screening last weekend.

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For those who enjoyed the perks of the Cineworld card, The Light Cinema in Cambridge has finally released its own scheme - £16.95 a month (so less than the price of 2 movies) plus 25% off food and drink, plus no additional charge for 3D movies.

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Here's my 3★ review on @letterboxd for this weeks meetup @lightcambridge Friday Fright Night: Friday the 13th (1980):

It was a great night, sadly the next official CCC Fright Night won't be until April 17th, but if you want to go in the meantime they are also screening A Nightmare on Elm Street on Friday 20th March and The Babadook on Friday 27th March.

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Hello all,

I was going to post an event for Sunday tonight, but then I received the news that after several months of delays, Cambridge Cineworld has closed today.

While this is obviously a shame it is definitely not the end of Cambridge Cinema Club!.

The cinema chain that has bought Cineworld - The Light Cinema - currently sells tickets (in Wisbech at least) for £1.20 cheaper than Cineworld did (and £1.80 less than that if you book online).

Another bit of good news for Cineworld unlimited member. I've spoken to someone on the Unlimited hotline and they confirmed (as did this article: that Cineworld cards can still be used at The Light Cinema up until 1st March.

As there are currently no listings for The Light Cinema this weekend I am postponing the meetup until next weekend.

That said, if group members would prefer to move to the Vue cinema in the Grafton Centre, or the Arts Picturehouse (which has less options but nicer theatres!) please let me know and we can perhaps try moving around a bit.

Hope you are all well and can make one of our meetups soon (wherever they may be!)


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Hi guys, I don't post a lot of my reviews because I do one for every movie I watch and that would get pretty dull pretty quickly.

But last night I watched a film that I just loved and I wanted to recommend it to everyone...

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So there was no Cinema Club meet up this week because I was off in London attending 'Sing Along The Muppet Christmas Carol'.

It was a great night and I've written a little review of the experience for those who are interested... 

So it's 1st December which means Christmas Movie season is upon us! And I was wondering, what is your favourite Christmas movie? and What is it that makes that movie so special?

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