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The Sacred journey of Pregnancy
has their own different unique stories of pregnancy.  For me, becoming a mother to-be is one of the
most transformation experience of my life when another phase of woman’s
spiritual journey begins. A spiritual journey to welcome a child into the wo...
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My 1st Trimester Story.
Every Mom has
her own unique and amazing story during the pregnancy, and that's my story illustrated
by my imperfect rough drawing just to express my first experiences of being a
mother to-be. 
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My Journey Using Art, Visual and Written Words, as a Healing Tool
My name is
Emiria and I am from Indonesia. I'm an artist.  I have had a strong
interest in art since I was a child, drawing since approximately at 4 years old
and writing journal at 7 years old. I love art from inside my heart. Through
art, I learned how to...
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My Gratitude Statement
  Before I joined the course, I thought that I’m not
rich or wealthy person. However, the perspective changed significantly when I
follow all the process in this course. In the end of the course session, I’m
getting more realized that happiness is not depen...
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A Gratitude Letter for Mama and Bapa IMom and Dad
Dear Mama and Bapa,  It’s me, Emi, you used to
call me Dede (the name for the youngest child or for children). Time after
time, slow but sure, I’m growing up. There’s no reason that you call me “Dede”
anymore, so you changed it into “Tami” (Tante Emi or Aun...
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My Journal, Mandala, and Collages: My New Life
I’m trying to focus on my
pregnancy Focus on my new life
with my lovely husband I’m preparing to be a
great mother I’m having great collaboration
with my husband to be the great parents for my children
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My Journal; Let Me Express My Self
There was a time when I
felt so angry with everyone surround me There was a time when
I felt so fed up with my self I blamed the condition I blamed my past I couldn’t accept my
self I needed to get out
all of them and let them go Let all the negative
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Animal Spirit
Parrot Maybe
she looks fragile, and many people doesn’t know of the truth of parrots She’s
brave She
loves freedom And
the most important think she has a hidden mysterious sacred power She
has a sharp intuition and mystic power That
lead her to survive in u...
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My Hope
Peace I wish
I can be calm Forgive
the past Let
everything that disturb me gone More
focus on Present time Do the
best that I can do Always
gratitude all blessing in my life each day
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My Present Time
Between the Lines Between
the Past and the Future Between
Yesterday and Tomorrow I stand
on the centre of the line I stand
on the present, Today However I
realise my mind is not belong to my body, it is separated They
always steal my mind away from this mom...
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