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The Online Parenting Safety Survival Guide
A truly practical guide for parenting in today’s “Online” world.
A truly practical guide for parenting in today’s “Online” world.

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Our kids (actually all of us) need to always remember that what we post or discuss online regardless of its original intention, can very quickly turn into something that wasn't contemplated.

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A truly practical guide for parenting in today’s “Online” world. It’s very hard to ignore the fact that our children and families are part of the fastest growing community in the world, the Internet – with well over 1.5 billion people online. Our children seemingly join and participate in this online community from the youngest of ages, whilst on a daily basis we hear of the dangers and concerns. So how do you perform your role as a parent in this online community to keep your children safe? You need to be a techno geek to be effective right? As a matter of fact that is not the case. This book is aimed at helping parents navigate the online world and providing children with the best chance of staying safe and growing up as a respectable member of the online community. This book is an invaluable tool and reference for parents being parents in the online world, the author Scott Deacon provides a truly valuable insight into the most effective methods you can use to keep you and your children safe online.
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