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Spelling Bee Fourth Bimester
Here are our super champions

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Zootopia Costume
These are some examples of the costumes you can wear for our play. Costume Ideas  Judy Hoops Nick Wilde  Bonnie Hoops  Gideon  Grey

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No hay amor más grande que el que le tenemos a nuestros libros.

¡Feliz día de San Valentín!

Arte: Jasu Hu Art #YTúQuéLees

Arte, cultura y literatura está en y

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Our Reusable Project
After three weeks of hard work, you brought your projects using materials you can reuse. Remember, it´s very important to use the three R´s, that will help our planet.          Toy                                                                             ...

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Comparatives Comparatives 1 Comparative Comparative is the name for the grammar used when comparing two things. The two basic ways to compare are using  as .. as  or  than . Examples of each are shown below: She's twice  as  old  as  her sister. He's not  a...

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How to Make a Brochure
You need to write a brochure for your project. Here are some links where you can find helpful information: Writing a Brochure Tips on Writing a Brochure Writing a Brochure

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Ricardo´s Birthday
On February 3rd. we celebrated Ricardo´s birthday.

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Regina´s birthday
On February 2nd, we celebrated Regina´s birthday

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Luka´s Birthday
On February 1st, we celebrated Luka´s birthday,

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Renata´s Birthday
On January 30th, we celebrated Renata´s birthday
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