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Congratulations, +Linus Torvalds! Linux has grown so much!
Today is the 25th anniversary of the Linux-0.01 release, I do believe.

Normally the anniversary is counted from the announcement email (August 25), because that was the actual public statement of intent. The 0.01 code drop happened a couple of weeks later, and wasn't publicly announced.
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I expect port-less phones to appear on the market soon. Wireless charging, Bluetooth audio.. Boom, no need of physical ports!
As a bonus, they could build the device truly waterproof, perfectly sealed, without any leak-prone spots or weird flaps.
I only use BT buds anyway, so I welcome our new headphonejack-less overlords. But some of you may not like it.
Lenovo and Motorola unveiled the 2016 Moto flagships today at Tech World with a line of modular back plates and a few months of Verizon exclusivity (boo).... by Ryan Whitwam in Accessories, Moto Z, Moto Z Force, Motorola, News
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Репортаж от деня на отворените врати във физическия факултет. Поради някаква причина ме има в твърде голяма част от репортажа :D
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То си беше почти само ти в репортажа. :D
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Oh God, why?!
P.S. I just tried to discover the apps that come with Ubuntu 16.04
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+Daniel Angelov I have to try that, I checked the live USB only...
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It is quite surprising that this was not marked as spam by Gmail..
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Когато ги получа XD
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Are Pantheon online accounts expected to work right now in Loki?
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I think that online accounts don't work in beta, but will work soon.
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Hey, fellow Chrome users, has the Chrome interface changed for you? Now the toolbar is smaller, has different icons. the tabs are not rounded anymore and most importantly, the colours are different?
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It looks better if you set it to "Use classic theme" instead of "Use GTK+ theme"
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Честит празник, българи! И понеже днес честваме деня на българската писменост, ще си позволя да споделя отново инициативата „за българска кирилица“:

И понеже няма как да популяризираме българската кирилица, без да имаме на разположение достъпни шрифтове, които я поддържат, ето я моята колекция (за съжаление, свободни са само по 1-2 начертания, но и това е нещо..):

Arial и Times New Roman:

Simbal Regular:


Uni Sans:


Kelson Sans:


Допълнителни ресурси:

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Честит празник!
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+Overleaf is a great online LaTeX collaboration tool!

It even supports git!
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In my opinion HDR and 60 FPS in TV/Cinema are much more exciting than (pseudo) 3D...
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Recently, my laptop stopped waking up after suspend. On the screenshot you can find the recently updated packages. I already installed the previous version of initramfs-tools(-bin), but still my laptop won't wake up.
My kernel is 4.2.0-34-generic
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Somehow it started working again... O.o
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As a Bulgarian I couldn't resist sharing this
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