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Jessica McClain
Reluctant homemaker, navigating the at-home landscape with three kids, knitting, and the occasional thought. Expect snark.
Reluctant homemaker, navigating the at-home landscape with three kids, knitting, and the occasional thought. Expect snark.

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Not my picture, but I whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment.

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For the love of Bob, don't let this be your baby!

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A friend sent me a link on that OTHER social network to this video with crappy sound of my favorite local band from my high school and college days. This caused me to wax all kinds of nostalgic. I have NO IDEA where my old CDs are, which made me sad, until I realized that all of their stuff? It's on Spotify. And iTunes. And I? I am very happy even as I realize I am doing dishes to music I loved 15-20 years ago. Where did those 15-20 years go??

I think my two year old is in love with +Wil Wheaton.

You know, I love social media, but I think I might be starting to get media-ed out, if that makes sense. Some of it is definitely a personal problem and I just need to limit the time I spend with the computer rather than with other things.

But today I started setting up a LibGuide at work, and in creating my profile, I can list all the different ways people can get in touch with me--My Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. profiles, and all I could think was DO. NOT. WANT.

I don't want researchers sending me their questions on Saturday afternoon when I can't help them. E-mail me--I'll get back to you when I am in the office and can actually help you. I don't want students following my Twitter or Facebook accounts because I generally blather about my personal life over there. I could probably create a Google+ circle for all things Jazz and Library related on which I feel like pontificating, but that's about as far as I want to go.

I suppose I COULD create Facebook and Twitter feeds JUST FOR NH Library of Trad Jazz stuff, but that just seems like So. Much. More. Work.

Maybe I need a media-free vacation. I wonder if I could stand to be disconnected that long...


More running-related stuff! This time--music. Hit me with your favorite running tunes. My 20 minute jog today was good...but too quiet. I think I need tunes for my next no-walking workout.

So, the hubs is working late (again), which makes my desire to cook dinner go down to...well...nothing. Would I be the world's worst wife if I just took the Girl out to dinner? Or picked up some Chinese takeout?

Running apps for Android? Right now I'm using the freebie version of C25K (C25K Lite I think), and it's OK. I want something that will at the very least help me track my workouts and ideally help me move up to a 10K and beyond.

If you use a running app, what do you use?

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I am undead. My daughter is a wizard. My husband is a time-traveler. What are you?

Barefoot running--good idea or crazypants hippie idea to be avoided like the plague?
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