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It is a beautiful painting of an elk, not a deer.
oil on canvas
40 x 60 cm

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Let's heal the world through music: Today Marvin Gaye and "What's Going On" He had it right then and now!

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I went to your store at Spring Meadows Place, 1490 Spring Meadows Dr. Holland, OH 43528 to buy a pair of shoes for my daughter's wedding in Sept.  You have an older gentleman working there, I do not know his name and the receipt only lists 2323 as the transaction by.  I just wanted to tell you that whatever you are paying this gentleman is not enough.  It is so rare to find someone who cares about customer service and doing not just a good job but a fantastic job.  He not only helped me find the perfect pair of shoes, he also mentioned that you sell socks that fit in them without showing which I would not have bought if he had not said something.  He was friendly, concerned and caring and as far as I could tell running the store by himself and still taking care of everyone beautifully.  As I said I do not know what you are paying him, but you need to give him more because he is an asset to your company.  

Reading my morning paper and wondering why it is that news people, the government, and scientists want the public afraid to step out of their doors, eat or drink anything, and live in fear of everyone and everything?  Today the good news is coffee is good for you, as long as you are doing other things such as smoking that might kill you first.  The bad news is that a high volume of traffic noise may give you a heart attack.  Both of these are according to studies.  I don't know how many of you have read some of these studies, but if you turn to the final page where it lists the conclusions, they always say that they are not sure about anything they have written, evidence seems to indicate that this is true, but the only way to know for sure is to conduct more studies.  Really!  So, if you believe all the hype that is thrown at us everyday--you can go back to drinking your coffee, but be sure to do so in your sound proof home, so you won't hear the traffic.  Have a great day!

Maybe it is because I grew up reading books such as "1984" and watching movies like "Soylent Green" but I am mistrustful of any and all agencies that seem to good to be true and when you throw in a non-profit status--when it appears they have a whole lot more money that many businesses seeking a profit I really start to wonder.  I am bringing this up because in today's "Blades" letter to the editor there were two letters complaining about the neon green lights on the Promedica Hospitals and Clinics and how they an eyesore to the neighborhoods in which they reside.  The green lights are the last thing that worries me--I want to know who in the hell Promedica really is and why a non-profit group is buying up Toledo's Health Care facilities and why?  Anyone else out there wondering about this?  Their company information says they have been around since 1986, but it has just been the last couple of years that I have noticed almost all medical facilities are now Promedica.  Where and how are they getting their money to be buying all of these facilities?  Something doesn't seem right here.  The other non-profit I am wondering about is the Cedar Creek Church, which has 3 locations in Toledo.  They came upon my radar when they were going to buy the South YMCA.  One non-profit buying property from another non-profit.  Something still don't seem right, even though Cedar Creek backed out of the deal when there was so much controversy about closing that YMCA.  I am sure I will have members telling me how wonderful this church is and how they are doing God's work, which I have no problem with.  But when something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

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