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Matt Nicoll
Proud owner of a rescue Husky. Teacher and Science Geek
Proud owner of a rescue Husky. Teacher and Science Geek

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"Proof!" Reflections
It is far too long since I sat down to write. Working at a brand new school has been invigourating, while also being extremely busy. To get the wheels moving again, I thought a great place to start would be a reflection on this post  from February, about th...

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Our Place, Our Story, Our Identity
In Connected Learning over the past seven school days, we have been exploring the link between our place (country, province, district, town, school...), our journey (born here, moved here, migrated here...) and our identity as individuals and as a group. Th...

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But I Don't Have Anything to Read...
This is a bit of a follow-up post on Rolleston Reads . Today, I my Ako group decided they wanted to read today and Wednsday this week. Great idea...except that I left my book at home. So did one of the students. Two ākonga without a book. Hmmm...what to do?...

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Prove It!
Last year, none of my Selected options had enough enrolments for the courses to run in Term One, 2017. Instead, I was asked if I wanted to take a class of "Proof", a course about forensic science and New Zealand law. Fortunately for me, and sadly for two ot...

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Rolleston Reads
Part of Ako time at Rolleston College Horoeka Haemata involves "Rolleston Reads". We read for 30 minutes with our students. Not very ground-breaking, is it? However, this is a big deal for me. I do not read enough. This is going to make me read more. The ot...

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Going Solo in a Collaborative World
Yeah, I
admit it: that was a catchy title to grab your attention! This is about my views on SOLO Taxonomy, my new
role at Rolleston College Horoeka Haemata, and what I hope to learn from this
role.  At the end
of last year, I was appointed to a role support...

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A Chance to Read
Today's first task suited me in more than one way. We had to "read" something, and we had to write a blog post. I use quotation marks because every "reading" option was a video being read out to us. That was useful for me because I am a really slow reader!!...

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My New Tools
The tasks we have been set in our first few weeks at Rolleston College/Horoeaka Haemata have had the side effect of adding some new tools to my kit. Hopefully the learning at our school next year will provide the opportunities and time for this same growth ...

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A School with No Students...Yet
Two weeks have passed at Rolleston College/Horoeka Haemata. Two weeks working at a school with no students and hosted by another school (West Rolleston Primary School/Te Kura o Te Uru Kōwhai). It sounds a bit like a dream, doesn't it? All this time and spac...

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Subject Communities, not Silos…
During the week, two of our tasks involved the unpacking
of two Learning Areas from the New Zealand Curriculum: one given to us ( not one we strongly identified with –
unfamiliar text, you might say…); and the one we most strongly identified with.
For me, t...
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