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If I Ever Meet My Double, I'd Kill Him Out of Mercy
Bill Harvey is back with "The Odds" over at Oddball Magazine.

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A Very Sequential City Haiku
A different kind of haiku under the cut, using words and pictures to tell a tale from Saturday. Walking to Rondo's carrying a Yoga mat Go back to Foodie's

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Remains of Last Friday Night
Seen on Dorchester Street.

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On a Roll
What Rough Beast is a poem-a-day blog from Indolent Books dedicated to the Trump administration. It's their second month, and they're still on a roll. Check it out here.

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Busy Day
Little whimsy today. I have two appointments today. Will hopefully make it to Skoot's feature tonight. You should be there regardless.

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More to Do
I just finished exercising, and I'm heading out again. I'll have more to post later, I hope.

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Happy Birthday Ira Joel Haber
Hope it was a good one!Let's get you back into Oddball soon. Check out his work before we publish him here.

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Skoot is Featuring This Monday at Stone Soup Poetry
Read his poem in this week's Stone Soup Servings at Oddball Magazine. Then be in the audience on February 27.  

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Six Word Novel from Southie (after Hemingway)
For grabs: queen bedposts never notched.  

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One Man, Many Authors
Check out Wise Words with Bruce Wise at Oddball Magazine.  
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