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Hmm, I thought Google Reader was supposed to stop working on 1 July... :-S

Just logged in and it is still working...

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Having multiple browsers is useful... Netgear ReadyNAS know problems with IE9 and Firefox 4... Seems to be working on the iMac with latest version of Safari.

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Just installed the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for Windows 7.

I can now see my RAW images in Explorer, I don't have to keep going to Lightroom, just to look at an image.

It does what it says on the tin, although it does take some processing power, when converting all the images. On my Core i7 laptop, a folder with 182 20MB RAWs from my EOS550D took a couple of minutes to cache.

The good news is, that the codecs seem to be mutli-threading enabled, it is using 6 cores at the moment.

Re-installed Lion from DVD, including reformatting the drive (recovered 90GB from BootCamp as well.

First impression is, that it has finally got some zing. App Store loads in a couple of seconds, instead of half a minute and Safari loaded quickly as well...

Will finish installing the software, then restore my data, but will only restore data files, not settings... That said, creating a new account last time also didn't help. Not sure what is killing the performance on my iMac.

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Amazing what a small town can do if everyone pulls together. Watch for my former Screen Savers co-host, Kate Botello in the middle.

Installed OS X Lion... Login looks very Windows 7 or Linux like now.

Versioning finally back in an OS, something that I have missed since I moved from VMS to Mac OS and MS-DOS.
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