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I am returning my printer because it was DoA, and various other issues with unhelpful customer service.

The warranty says that for returns there is a minimum 20% restocking fee, with higher percentage for damage. Since my unit is non working, what does that mean? Am I out the cost of their failed product? Does anyone have experience?
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I'm on printer number three right now.  The first two had hardware problems.  I was pretty pissed when the second one pretty much issues from the start.  True, they were DIFFERENT issues but still.  I quickly escalated to a manager and was told the same thing when I asked about a refund -- 20% for restocking.  However, the manager did offer to run a series of tests himself with a new replacement printer.  He took pictures and there was quite a bit of back and forth.  Very helpful and informative.  He certainly knew what he was talking about compared to first level support.

Fortunately, it seems like I've got printer number three running the way it should. But not at first. They ended up exchanging a power adapter for me and there was temperature problem which ended up being due to a loose wire.  All that is fixed now and, knock on wood, things are looking good.

The M3D is a neat little printer but far from ideal and still feels like a work in progress.
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They are a decent housing firm willing to deal with lost ExPats such as myself. They know their business, act in a professional manner, and are willing to negotiate on the tenants' behalf.
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My friends and I were looking for a drink down this street, we sighted beer, whisky, and a lack of bad music. These things were delivered and more. The owner is as polite in life as he replies on these comments and is twice knowledgeable as anyone guesses. The beers are amazing, the whisky a wide selection. It is a bar that promises and delivers with perfection.
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I am sure that this is a great place if you want to remove and replace the oil or other fluid from your car, but... I had spoken with them on the phone and in person regarding the change of the oil and transmission fluid along with the filters appropriate for the oil and transmission systems of my car. As one may imagine both of these steps are crucial for the proper change of either fluid. Simply changing the fluid and leaving the old filter in place will not accomplish much as the oil and transmission will not be at the proper pressure if there are filter clogs, as my car is experiencing. As I said I had been informed initially over the phone and in person that both of the filter and the fluid will be changed, and though I wasn't that greeted within 20 seconds and the each fluid change took approximately 10 minutes. I only learned later that they do not, and did not perform these services. I now get to undo all the hard work when I have to open the filter compartments, draining all the fluid out to finish the job as they should have done. Well I am sure this place is fine for an oil change of a car that is in good maintenance with no transmission issues or engine problems, this place lacks in communication fails to offer complete services. I feel quite ripped off by this sort of bait and switch that seems entirely an issue with communication to the customer about the services offered and rendered. It would be nice if there were laid out clearly from the start. When I called to ask them about this matter, and quiet in fact had it changed my filters they quickly added that they do not do such services and promptly hung up on me. Because of this miscommunication and lack of customer service to address the problem, I feel obliged to share my experiences and forewarn anybody who might follow my footsteps.
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This is a bouldering gym.. so if you like bouldering it is fantastic. They also have slack lining .. which is cool and maybe one day I will do that too. Staff is friendly, good with the kids around, it is a nice community place.
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