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ATTENTION! +IBoom +IBoom Media is launching a #Snowballcircle share.

Our prior 2 circle shares currently HOLD the World Record for Most shares! Number 1 and 2! I have included 354 lucky people for this one!

For Social media services of any kind reach out to

SO to stay in this circle or TO BECOME a part of it in the future it is SIMPLE!

ADD the circle to your account!
Plus the Post!
Make a comment stating you wish to be added!
Then Share the post!

If you do this you WILL be added in the World Record Circle Share forever!

For those of you that think it is no big deal....well your loss!

So let's get to it and BREAK some Records!
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Some good tips around discipline and efficiency.

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Light travels faster than sound...which is why many people appear bright until you hear them speak!

Am participating in the Mission Street Grants program with JP Morgan Chase. In order to qualify for consideration, I need 250 votes. Any assistance is appreciated.

(If your job/career/income stream revolves around social networks, this is not directed at you.)

Have a question that I am posting that I would like input on. There are a ton of social related networks out there: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, etc, etc, etc. How many social networks can you effectively and actively participate in while still being productive in your physical world?

I personally had to have oral surgery. I went to SoLa Dental and they made a rather unpleasant and traumatic type process very easy to undergo and significantly reduced pain and discomfort with their process and their professional, yet extremely friendly, bed side manner.

After the surgery, the staff was second to none with follow up emails and calls to ensure I was okay and that my healing process was progressing positively.

To anyone considering a dental professional in the Austin or surrounding area (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio), I have zero reservations with recommending Dr. Gent and SoLa Dental of Austin. They set the bar for excellence as far as I am concerned.

All who would like to help, email w/ preference for contribution type. Thank you for all of your generosity.

Attention Everyone:

The F5 tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma today left devastation in its path. Many were injured and at least 51 were killed, including many elementary children. The first responders are digging through the rubble trying to find other survivors as well as those who have perished.

GreenHawk Global Corporation is heading up an effort to collect much needed items for the first responders (like durable work gloves) as well as items (like blankets) for those who were injured and/or lost all of their belongings.

We are arranging for drop off points for these items. For those who do not wish to send items, but would still like to contribute, we are negotiating with supply stores so that you can purchase gift cards and one of the GreenHawk Global Representatives will purchase the items and distribute on the ground in Moore.

I do not commonly call for donations. But this devastating occurrence merits attention. If you would like to donate items or a gift card, please message me and I will be happy to give you proper direction.

Every single donation helps. Each one could save a life.

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